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Get To Grips With Slots Games Odds And Play To Win! 
All About the Odds of Online Slots
The first thing that you should remember when it comes to slots machines is that there is no strategy that helps you win more when you play them. Unlike a game like poker, which is played against actual opponents, not the house, and utilises skills that can make it profitable over the longer term, the majority of casino games are not designed like this.
Consistent Returns are Difficult to Make with Slots
As an example, let’s take a game with only 1 payout, a jackpot paid out when you match 5 symbols. In the case of this theoretical game there are 5 icons available on each line, and your job is match 5 of the same symbols in order to win the top prize on the $1 machine.

These lines are under the control of random number generators, or RNGs, and, over time, the 5 possible icons will come up as frequently as any other on each line. So, your chance of hitting a cherry on 1 line is 1/5 at NZ online casinos, and this chance is the same for the second line. Thus, the chance of landing 5 cherries in a row is 1/3125, or 0.032%. Your odds are better than this, thanks to the fact that a prize will be given for 5 of any icon, so your odds of landing any set of 5 is actually 5 x 0.032%, or 0.16%. So, in our imaginary machine, you will hit 5 identical icons and take the jackpot once in every 625 spins of these reels.

How Payouts Come into Play
If the jackpot for the supposed machine in our example was $625, then it would become a break-even proposition, since you would pay $1 each of the 624 times you spun the reels without seeing any returns, but, when you hit the jackpot on the 625th spin, the prize would see you break even. The payouts set by casinos is slightly lower than this, however, usually somewhere between 90% and 98%, so, if our theoretical machine were set for 95% payouts, the jackpot would be $594.

Luck is Always a Factor
Of course, you could get lucky and manage to hit the jackpot on your 2nd spin, and would thus make a profit if you pocketed the money and left the machine. But over the long-term it is impossible to beat the law of averages, and the house’s edge will be perpetual over any variance in short-term results. While there are some machines that payout more than 100% over a given month, this will be the variance intrinsic to randomness, and will not be sustained over longer periods of time.

Why We Still Love Playing Slots
No gambler should be playing slots in order to make sustainable returns over long periods. The thrill of gambling lies in the knowledge that there is a negative equity investment on behalf of the player, and this is what makes winning so much fun. Luck plays a big part in slots machine games, and there is always the chance that you might be the next player to take home a multi-million dollar prize. There is also the sheer enjoyment of the game, and the fact that playing slots is a very inexpensive hobby, provided you have created a budget and stick to it in order to offset your potential losses.

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