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Castle Builder II:
The Slot Machine that Goes Beyond Gambling
In the more than two decades that have passed since the creation of the first online casino, thousands of slot machines have seen the light of day, in all shapes and sizes. You can play three-reel simulators and eight-reel games for simple wins or progressive jackpots at 7Sultans online casino, slot machines with an amazing variety of themes and player benefits. Some of them were better, others boring and simplistic, some of them intriguing, while others simply fun. Yet no slot machine at the 7Sultans and beyond has combined elements from role-playing and city building games in the way Rabcat's upcoming Castle Builder II. The game, presented at this year's ICE Totally Gaming, is set to be released at the 7Sultans Casino and beyond later in the year.
When wins are secondary

Castle Builder II is, for lack of a better word, immersive. Its players can easily forget about credits and bonuses, focusing exclusively on gathering the materials needed to complete the next castle. Sometimes, when higher-paying symbols land on the reels, players might even feel disappointed - in this game, credits are but a means to an end, not the goal for which they are playing.

The game is more complex than anything you might have played at the 7Sultans before. You get to choose the builder you're going to accompany on a quest to build, become more experienced, and unlock more kingdoms to visit. By choosing a builder, you also choose between in-game benefits like free spins and more bonuses on the completion of the project - yet both of these pale in the quest to gather more materials, finish more castles, and unlock more kingdoms in the process.


Initially, Castle Builder II players need to select a builder. When first starting the game, they can choose between Sam, an experienced old builder who creates more durable and higher-quality castles (and gets paid more), and Mandy, a young, enthusiastic contractor with less experience but with free spins added to the mix. As players progress through the Kingdoms, they will unlock more builders with more benefits.

Once the builder is chosen, the time to build comes. Players will be taken to the map, where they can select the Kingdom where to work, and later the castle to build. Each Kingdom has at least three building projects to explore, and each avatar has its own starting point on the map. Once the building project is chosen, the real game begins.

Players have to collect four kinds of materials to build a castle - wood, stone, brick, and iron ore. Three such symbols on a win line add one unit of the material to the rack, four symbols add two, and five symbols add three of them to the total. Once the rack of six is complete, the materials are used to build a section of the castle. Once the castle is complete, a princess (or prince) moves in, and suitors arrive for the royal wedding. Players need to select one of the suitors and receive their bonus for the construction (this differs from one suitor to another).

Exciting, addictive, fun

While playing Castle Builder II, players are unlikely to even look at their bankroll. Instead, they will most likely focus on the materials - these are needed to progress in the game. Castle Builder II has the potential to glue its players to the screen, much like a social game, and this makes it perhaps the best video slot machine we'll see this year.

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