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Can you get free spins without depositing money?

There are countless offers online to attract you and your money to sign-up to a new casino. This is essential for the operator for as long as the basic condition of a licence from the United Kingdom Gambling Commission is in place, then you are likely to be seeing many of the same games and slots available elsewhere. This quite rightly is because the new site you are looking at is using tried and tested software provided by one of the big software suppliers.

So the question is can you really get anything for free without first depositing your own money? The answer is yes, as for example you can pick no deposit free spins at with the chance to choose from many online casinos offering free spins and deposit as well as top-up bonus money. You should definitely look to capture as much as the operators are giving away but with the understanding that they are going to make it difficult for you to cash out and run away with the loot. Therefore you need to keep some things in mind when accepting the terms and conditions.

Read the T&Cs

First of all read the T&Cs before you go ahead and accept. It is very important to note that if they appear to be unfair or just plain impossible then do not accept them. For example there will often be a condition that if you win money from your free spins or bonus money then you must continue to wager this money a multiple of times before you can withdraw this. This is only reasonable but the multiple is often high such as 40 times in order to make a withdrawl. It is only okay to accept such a condition if you intend to just get lucky, that is try your hand with the free money or spins to see if you stay ahead. If not then you just quit and go and try somewhere else.

On top of wagering conditions all online casino offers will come with limits on how much you can win with you bonus spins or money. If that limit is as low as £10 as we have seen then probably the whole exercise of trying to gain a profit from the freebies is just not worth the effort.

One account per household

Also keep in mind that only one sigh-up offer will be available per household and so if someone else with the same address has already got an account they will take your bonus away if you happen to win with it. This will happen after giving you a chance to lose money and their T&Cs will allow it. So if your spouse or someone else in your house has suggested a site remember you will not gain from the sigh-up offer which probably costs them more than it will you.


Another important term to be aware of is that some operators specify that if they think you have thought of a way of abusing the promotion and gaining more than they thought they were risking then they have the right to simply close your account and seize any outstanding balance. This doesn't sound fair or even legal but if you sign the T&Cs you may well have said okay to this. Of course you can contest what you think is unfair but that will be a difficult fight.


So our message here is many fold. Look at the T&Cs for any no deposit bonus and if they seem ridiculous and possibly costly then do not go for the starting offer. You can still enjoy a bit of fun at a new site playing the games and slots just for fun as you want to. The other part of our message is that there are online casinos and slots out there that advertise “no wagering requirements”. These are the ones to pay more attention to because if any of your free stuff pays-off big time then you get to keep it all. Just read what you are signing up to when it comes to any online gambling site!

Always check the site has a licence from the UK Gambling Commission.
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