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Flash Harry nails the jackpot twice 07/05/2007
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Press Room Monday May 7, 2007

Flash Harry nails the jackpot twice

Super punter Harry Findlay scooped an amazing 2million in 48 hours. It is the biggest two-day win in British racing history.

Lucky Harry picked up a 1m jackpot twice and it is the third time the professional gambler has pocketed 1m this year, after he also won at Cheltenham.

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Harry, 45, said Who said lightening doesnt strike twice? At last Ive got the bank manager off my back. Weve been trying to win this for a long time and now weve done it twice in as many days. I cant believe it.

Harry, from Bath, and dairy farmer Paul Barber, 64, scooped their big win on the Race0 website.Harry said, We staked 61,000 on Saturday and 82,000 on Sunday and there are three of us involved.

Harry, whose parents are from Scotland, went on to say "At last I've got the bank manager off my back. "I am not just some bloke who has had two £2 winning lines - this is what I do. "There was a bit of pressure because I'd say that we were about £350,000 down on the bet beforehand and we'd also put about £600,000 on the Scoop6 bet this year. Ive come close before, so its a real buzz to finally land the big one."

The 1m RaceO jackpot had not been won for 81 weeks.

RaceO President Berri Schroder said: We are proud to have paid out the two biggest jackpots ever won in British racing on two consecutive days. Weve been criticised and told it was too hard to hit but weve said all along it was just a matter of time. In March, Harry who also owns racing horses, scooped 1m at Cheltenham on his own nag Denman.
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