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How to go about Creating an Online Slot 12/09/2015
Richard Whitehouse

You have played Slots, won playing Slots but have you ever wondered how they were created? Behind every great Slot machine is a team of creative experts. Some of the biggest iGaming software developers in the world include Microgaming, Real Time Gaming, Cryptologic, Playtech and Net Entertainment just to name a few. Since the conception of online Casinos in the 90’s the number of software developers has grown to a huge magnitude and the competition is fierce to say the least. The teams behind these software consist of the creative team, graphic artists, software engineers, mathematicians and marketing department.

One of the most important aspects of any Slot machine and the first step is brainstorming a theme that is going to attract the gambling audience. Branded themes range from blockbuster movies, superstars, sports, music, television programs, cartoons and more requiring a license from the originator. Some of the biggest top branded Slot titles include Wizard of Oz, Monopoly, Lord of the Rings, Scarface, Frankenstein, King Kong and Tomb Raider. What is important to consider about branded games are demographics. Appealing to a large audience is key and not limiting it to a small sector is detrimental ending up in a major disadvantage. A fan of a certain movie, superstar or highly rated television series may be inclined to play one of these branded slots who otherwise gambled very little or not at all.

Other themes related to current events, trends and even the simplicity of common every day habits. For example games that correlate to the sea and underwater, ancient history or treasure themes are popular favorites among players.

Graphic Designer
The concept is the easy part, what comes next is designing the game with imagery that is captivating. It takes an artistic flair to design quality graphics. Graphic designers have reinvented the one arm bandits with such style and talent it would easily impress the Da Vinci’s of the world. Determining the color palette can make or break the graphics if not properly assigned. One of the most popular colors that capture the attention of players is blue. 3D technology offers realistic stunning animation creating games on a whole new level of entertainment.

The Graphic designer also referred to as communication designer plays an important role in projecting artistic images visually and through words and graphic forms. The length of time it takes to create the graphics on a Slot varies but typically takes months to complete.

If considering a career as a graphic designer it will require a 4 year degree at an accredited college. A bachelor’s degree in Art may be more favorable than a bachelor’s degree in Fine Art allowing more room to move in different directions.

Software Engineer
The software engineer is responsible for overseeing the entire operation including the development, design and maintenance of the software. They are required to meet certain specifications set forth and adhere to company practices and standards. It is the software engineer who ensures release dates and timelines. It is an ideal field for those who have a special interest in math or science. As a game programmer you will need a degree in Computer Science

Random Number Generator
A significant feature internal mechanism of a Slot is the Random Number Generator (RNG). This microprocessor is inside the machine that continually generates numbers to correspond with the symbols on a Slot. There is a constant motion of selecting numbers even when the game is not in play it is producing combinations every millisecond. The purpose of the RNG is to have random, fair and unpredictable final outcome of each spin. The process of generating the numbers is through a formula known as algorithm.

There is a lot of misconceptions about the RNG and many players feel they can tell when a machine is about to “hit” or by stopping the reels at the precise time the can produce winning results. No use in beating yourself up when triggering a bonus game and choosing what you think was the wrong “pick” because from the moment you hit the spin button the results have already been predetermined no matter what you choose.

The marketing department is responsible for selling the new product, advertising and promoting. Once a new Slot release has been developed it important to introduce it to Casinos and draw interest to players. One fine example is the new game recently developed by Net Entertainment – Spinata Grande Slot. As part of the marketing scheme the software is giving away a Free vacation package to Mexico. Marketing is a viable asset in gaining vast popularity of new game releases. They are also responsible in the negotiation of contracts, advertising media or products and plan advertising campaigns.

For a career in the marketing management a master’s degree in Business Administration is required. Marketing positions include advertising managers, public relations managers, promotions managers, brand managers and research analysts.

Entering the field of the development of online Slots can be challenging and rewarding. It is a lucrative career choice in a market place that is thriving on a global level.