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Mobile Gaming Could Surpass Console Gaming by 2018 24/11/2015
Mobile Gaming Will Be the Big Money Maker in the Industry.

Mobile gaming is gaining popularity and could eventually become the leader in the gaming industry. Mobile could grow into the single biggest market sector.

With more and more people around the globe buying and using smartphones, it should come as no surprise that mobile games will continue to grow in popularity. In fact, some believe that with the current growth rate of mobile gaming, it is possible that it will eventually outpace the rest of the gaming industry.

The popularity of mobile gaming could result in mobile growing into the largest market sector by 2018. According to research from Digi-Capital, the total spending on gaming software across all platforms will hit $88 billion in 2015. The intelligence firm also predicts that this number will jump 8% annually and, by 2018, will exceed $110 billion. Furthermore, the company believes that mobile will drive this growth more than any other sector because, without including sales from consoles like PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, spending on tablets and smartphones will already produce more revenue than console games.

In the report from Digi-Capital, the company’s founder and managing director, Tim Merel, explained that revenue of mobile games will experience a 15% annual growth from $29 billion this year to $45 billion by 2018. Moreover, the company predicts that by 2018, Asia will take over 50% of all mobile games revenue, as it has dominated mobile games revenue since 2013.

In addition to traditional gaming, mobile gambling is another type of entertainment that is steadily gaining ground among mobile users. In the article written by, (a leading online casino information portal) called “Mobile Casinos Leading the Way”, it is made clear that “With so many people having access to mobile devices with 3G or Wi-Fi access to play at an online casino, the demand for mobile gambling and the enjoyment of such an offering is plentiful.”

In essence, the demand is there and it is a demand that continues to grow. This demand will need to be met if gambling operators and software developers want to stay relevant and successful. Those who don’t stay on top of the latest trends in the mobile world, will get left behind. Plain and simple.