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What to Look for in an Online Casino  
Mobile phone casinos are ideal for those who commute

Many of us enjoy taking a gamble in life every now and again, whether it’s trying a new type of food that you’re convinced you won’t like, entering a new relationship without knowing if it will work, or a change in career direction. Online casinos are one way to gamble while having fun, making new friends and enjoying the thrill of the game. But while some decisions in life can be unpredictable, one thing you don’t want to be risking with online gaming is your safety, so here’s our guide to spotting a good online casino, and the things you should avoid

Play it safe
Often the best way to spot a good online casino is to stick to what you know. Companies such as William Hill, Betfred and Gala are already registered brands with good reputations to keep up. Steer clear of the sites with constant pop-ups and over-the-top irrelevant advertising as these can not only been signs of a less respected site, but can also put your computer at risk of viruses. Be aware of giving out credit card and bank details on sites that you are not familiar with. Check out the site using Google to see how what other people say about it, and if it is a safe, registered site.

Play for fun
If you enjoy the excitement of online gaming but don’t play for cash, there are loads of options for you. Most online casinos now offer a free option where you don’t have to pay out a single penny – meaning you can’t win any money, either! This can be a great way of having fun without the worry of losing cash; a good example of this is

Go mobile
Mobile phone casinos are ideal for those who commute, or spend a lot of time on trains and other public transport due to work commitments. Kerching is an example of this and can be downloaded to most mobile devices for free or cash games on the go.

  • Online casinos, as with any sort of gambling, can be highly addictive so keep an eye on the amount of time/money you or a loved one is spending on these sites.
  • The thrill of a big win can leave you wanting more - learn to quit while you’re ahead.
  • Online casinos can be a great way to have fun and the occasional gamble when used responsibly.
  • Remember that online gaming sites are so successful because they are a business, and need to make profit, so if you win once, that doesn't mean that you will win every time.
  • Most gaming websites have a responsible gaming section for advice for staying safe.

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