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Unusual Casino Games Everyone Should Try 
One of the very best advantages of online gambling is that it's now possible to enjoy games that not many players will have ever had the opportunity to experience before. Best Real Money Casinos offer an unprecedented number of games which aren't just variants on the old casino classics. Sure you may visit a site that offers 25 different formats of roulette or poker - but now and again it's amazing to try something completely new! In this article we'll run through some games that are increasingly available to play online, and unlikely to be found in many bricks and mortar casinos.


That's right - the classic break time game is now increasingly available to play online! Gambling simply doesn't get any more straightforward than this - the player and dealer each draw a card, and the highest wins. Even though the house wins on a tie (in most places) in terms of odds this is a actually a pretty reasonable game with the house having only a slight edge.

Chuck-A-Luck .

This is a dice game with a difference, and at heart is a version of craps but with three die instead of two. The player shakes them up in a cup and flings them down a labelled table which offers a variety of odds depending on where they land. In terms of potential payout this is a fantastic game that can really offer a good return, especially if they land on the same face. Just like craps it's fast and furious!

Double Exposure Blackjack

Everyone knows that when it comes to house edge, blackjack offers the player the fairest chance of scoring a winning hand. Double Exposure Blackjack enhances this even further because it allows the player to see the dealers hand from the moment the cards are dealt. Players who know how to play the odds will find that this is pretty much the fairest game to be found in any casino - which is why it's usually only found online.

21 Burn Blackjack

Another version of blackjack that offers the player an advantage - and once more typically only found online. In this instance the player has the option to 'burn' the top card, the only catch being that they won't know the value of the next card to be dealt. Naturally this can be a potential lifesaver when dealt an awful starting hand.

Sic Bo

This dice game is incredibly popular in East Asia and involves rolling the die and betting upon the resulting total number. This can either be 'big' (11-17) or small (4-10) or odd/even. Some versions also include a craps style baize but at heart this is an extremely straightforward - and very fast - game that is sure to get the heart pumping. Dice games are making a bit of a comeback in popularity nowadays, and this is certainly one that everyone should try.

Skill Slot Games

Slots have never been more popular (check out Wintingo online casino for proof) yet increasingly players are looking for versions which incorporate an element of dexterous skill as well as cunning tactics and good luck. At the moment these games are still at an early stage and the skill element is usually based upon the bonus reels, however given the endless imagination of game designers look out for some exciting developments in this format over the next few years


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