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Top 5 Iconic Casinos In Europe 
If you’re a fan of poker, roulette, baccarat, or just the slots, and you’re heading to Europe, you’re going to want to know the best, and most iconic casinos around, for you to head to as part of your trip. We have put together a quick list in order to help you decide where you want to go during your trip, and with many of these casinos offering more than just gambling, with a mix of culture and sightseeing, you can be sure to find everything that you need, right here. If you are heading to Europe, it is important that you bring a personal EHIC card with you before you go, in order to keep you covered throughout your trip. Here are our top 5 iconic casinos in Europe.

Casino De Monte Carlo, Monaco

If you’re searching for a luxury casino to try out your poker skills then Casino De Monte Carlo is the perfect choice. Here, you can be sure that you will need to dress up in black tie in order to enjoy the night, and you will then be practicing your poker, roulette or baccarat skills in a casino that is full of first-class luxury throughout. It is one of the most iconic, but also one of the most exclusive casinos that you can come across throughout Europe, and is a once-in-a-lifetime experience. It is closely linked with the fictional British spy James Bond, and is said to be the inspiration for Ian Fleming’s Casino Royale, as well as being used in a number of Hollywood movies.

Casino di Campione, Italy/Switzerland

Casino di Campione is without a doubt the largest casino in Europe, with 556 slots and table games for you to enjoy. It was originally established back in 1917 in order to attract foreign diplomats and gain sensitive information during World War 1. It is located in the municipality of Campione d’Italia, which is within the boundaries of Switzerland, but is in an Italian enclave. The casino is spread across three floors, and has every game that you can imagine located there, included roulette, blackjack, chemin de fer, punto banco, video poker and many more. It moved to a new site in 2007, but is one of the most magnificent and iconic casinos that you are likely to find in Europe.

Casino Estoril, Portugal.

This is said to be the oldest casino in Europe, as well as one of the biggest, and offers a huge choice of games for all to enjoy. With over 200 slot machines, and one of the most illustrious poker rooms in Europe which frequently holds a number of tournaments. One of the biggest surprises to some may be that the casino is located in Portugal, and was used as a refuge and meeting place for a number of spies and royals throughout World War II. With a number of bars and high-profile restaurants you can be certain that you will find this to be one of the most interesting casinos throughout Europe.

Aviation Club de Paris, France

This is a small casino, but it is one that is full of history that you can enjoy. Opening in 1907, it became a main venue for poker and other table games, and this has remained over the years. In 2005, the WSOP also stopped by here, on its Grand prix de Paris leg, however you can be sure that it holds a reputation for exclusivity. Located in the same place as The Eiffel Tower, the Louvre and the Champs Elysees, with traces of Napoleon all around, you can be sure that you will find something both inside and outside of the casino.

Kurhaus Baden-Baden, Germany

This is a famous leftover of Imperial German times, and has kept its original style, but adopted the needs of entertainment for the more upper class German population. German culture is alight in this casino, and it is a popular weekend spot for a number of people. With this popular, yet small casino, you can be sure to combine any sightseeing with a spot of gambling, and feel totally comfortable. Another bonus is that Kurhaus hosts the country’s annual Entrecote Festival, meaning you can eat and eat and eat.


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