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Licensed Online Casinos 

The days of dubious online casinos based in untouchable locations with software that ensures the operators profits are not over, and are not going to be over anytime soon. Having said that regulation has increased many fold and now you can put your trust in licensed operators with some good hope of a dispute resolution if it is required. So what are the priorities.

First and foremost only gamble at an online casino that is licensed. There are many to choose from now and so there is no excuse to be playing at a fake or dubious site. However this is not as simple as it seems if you are from countries outside Europe. Although you might be able to check on a sites gaming license to check that it is real, the regulator may not be all that it is supposed to be. Only the following few regulators have the power and the means to do a credible job;

  • United Kingdom: Gambling Commission
  • Alderney: Alderney Gambling Control Commission
  • Isle of Man: Isle of Man Gambling Supervision Commission
  • France: Autorite de Regulation des Jeux En Ligne (ARJEL)
  • USA: Nevada Gaming Commission
As you can see they are dominated by those in the British Isles. This is in part due to the fact that the UK is the most digitally advanced population in the world but also it has the most open market and laws when it comes to gambling in all forms, including online.

There are many other Gambling Authorities around the world but their capabilities in checking and regulating the online world are in the early or even non-existant stages of development.

The USA has no central gambling authority but has state by state regulation. These are only just understanding testing the online world.

Canada has no central gambling authority but has province by province regulation and nothing in the territories.

Australia has no central gambling authority but has state by state regulation and government intervention from time to time.

Currently the only comprehensive list of licences resides on the UK Gambling Commission Find Licensees section. If a site says that it is currently licensed then dropping the name into the search option will show not only if they have a current license but all the associated sites and trading names.

Restricted Territories
If a site has a list of restricted territory information then they are making good efforts to follow the law and likely to be trustworthy. Restricted territory information pertains to both residents of and visitors in the restricted areas.

Read Reviews
People on the internet can be brutal but this is an advantage when choosing an online casino. There will be scathing reviews if a casino has refused to payout a player. It is important to be careful when reading reviews as some people can become negative about a casino if they have lost money. Read the average score of the review and discount the scathing and overly positive reviews. If the average review presents the casino in a positive way then they are probably safe to play on. There are plenty of forums and websites that review online casinos so an honest opinion won’t be hard to find.

Search online for Blacklists, there are a few genuine ones that will detail for what reason the online site has been put there. usually something about payment, dispute reolution or software that is underhand, possible cheating.


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