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How to Beat Roulette with Time and Motion 
All casinos games have been beaten at one time or another and roulette is no difference, in fact there are many ways to beat the casino at it. This method requires the player to have good co-ordination and not everybody is capable. There are other ways to beat roulette including using hidden computers and number bias.

Time and Motion Betting
At first glance this method seems very difficult but with practise it becomes natural and very effective. Essentially you are predicting where the ball will land on a roulette wheel and betting neighbouring numbers to where you think it will land. This is only possible with a particular type of wheel.

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Roulette Wheel Type
Many casinos use a spirit level to check if their wheels are flat but in many this not an option because the floors or roulette tables are not flat. But not too much attention is paid to a wheel being level because it really does not affect the randomness. This is good, we need wheels with a slight tilt. Why? Because the roulette ball will tend to fall into the carousel on the high side. More than that, if one of the Diamonds (metal deflectors on the wood that disrupt the path of the ball) happens to be on the high side the ball will regularly hit this and tumble down into the wheel. This is what we are looking for.

Dominant Diamond
When you find a slightly tilted wheel and a Diamond is on the high side then this becomes The Dominant Diamond. When the ball is spun it will lose speed travelling around the ball-race and more often than not end up by hitting the Dominant Diamond and falling into the roulette carousel where the numbers are. This gives a regular action which we can use. Hitting the same Diamond about 50% of the time or better is desired.

Timing the Ball
Once you have a wheel with a dominant diamond then its time to analyse the ball trajectory. Your aim is to know the speed of the ball when it is 4 or possibly 5 rotations away from hitting the dominant diamond. Decide on which you have, either 4 or 5 and stick to that. Now you have a situation where you have time to place bets and you know when the ball will drop. Remember it is irrelevant how fast the dealer spins the ball at the beginning, it almost always drops at the same speed due to simple physics.

Timing the Wheel
You likely need an experienced dealer. New dealers are erratic but can also be good as they don't know to vary the wheel speed. In any case most dealers get into a rhythm of spinning the wheel at the same speed. If they alternate directions, which is most of the time, then you might end up playing every other spin if they have the same speed, in say, a clockwise direction.

With a consistent wheel speed you can know watch where the ball drops into the wheel after you have determined the 4 ball rotations away from dropping moment. Clock which number is passing the dominant diamond at that moment and then which number is below the dominant diamond when the ball hits it in 4 ball rotations.

When the ball hits the diamond it usually drops straight down, which is what you want. Even still there will be a scatter pattern of bouncing left or right but generally it stays within a few numbers. Sometimes it will move wildly but you have to accept that.

When you master the techniques you must disguise what you are doing. Essentially you are going to have to pretend to bet like other players up to that moment you have clocked the situation and bet a section of the wheel more heavily.

You will see many wheels with no usable tilt bias and dealers that don't have regular wheel speeds. It costs you nothing to scan all the wheels on a particlar night. If you find none then go to another casino or go back another night. You're aiming to be 25% correct whilst betting 6 or 7 numbers (16.2% - 18.9%) giving you a 20-30% edge.

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