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How to Beat Roulette with Number Bias 
Forget what you know about roulette. All casinos games have been beaten at one time or another and roulette is no difference, in fact there are many ways to beat the casino at it. The first thing to remember is that virtually everyone on the planet thinks roulette is unbeatable so when you find a way to do it, it takes the casino longer to believe it.

Number Bias
Individual numbers have a bias, that is the pockets that collect the ball and produce a winning number are all slightly different. If built well the bias will be too small to use. However many pockets are composite, made up of frets that separate numbers and coloured plastic, either red, black or green in the bottom of the pocket.

Obviously if you are playing at an online casino like then you are there just playing to have some fun.

So if the frets are loose or the glue holding the coloured plastic has separated then there is give in one or both and thus they become energy absorbers. The ball landing in one of these pockets is less likely to bounce out. Hence a bias in favour of that pocket exists causing numbers close by to come up less frequently.

Bias Magnitude
The house edge on one number is 2.7% (US wheels it is 5.4%) and so a number has to have at least a 2.7% bias to break even. For practical reasons you want to be playing numbers with at least 5% in your favour and so a minimum bias of 7.7%. This seems high at first glance but I have seen 20% for some numbers.

Wheel Clocking
The term “clocking” is used to describe any method where you capture results from a wheel. Its obviously better to capture multiple wheels simultaneously. Essentially you have to write down the winning numbers on as many wheels at once for as long as you can each sitting. To do this you can play one wheel and watch the screens on the others. You can construct any number of methods to get the numbers, for instance playing in the poker room within sight of the screens. What you don't want to do is to stand around writing numbers, you will be identified.

Number Bias Analysis
Whether by hand, spread sheet or database, you will need a way of analysing the data. Obviously you work out the total for each number and the frequency which it should have occurred. You goal is to tell whether a wheel is biased enough to play. Many pros use a Chi-squared test which is a measure of randomness, or for our purposes, non-randomness. I prefer calculating the standard deviation from expectation. Above 3 stds (standard deviations) means its less than 1% chance that its due to chance.

Identifying Biased Wheels
You'll need a minimum of eight numbers to play, so you want to see 8 numbers where your edge is 5% or over. Most often biased numbers will be in pairs, sometimes triples or more. However good your wheel is you are still going to need about 3000 recorded spins to get a reasonable picture of how it is performing. 3000 is not enough for a definitive picture but it is most often enough to know if you have a wheel to continue with or move on to pastures new.

It is crucial to be able to identify each wheel by physical marks as the casino will move wheels around. It is also critical to get your data in a short amount of time as the casino may have bias detection software. If they detect a bias they will not do something about it instantly. But they will eventually, so do long shifts and play with real money soon as you can.

Ball Type
There are a few types of balls used which differ in the material they are made of. You most certainly want the casino to be using a hard ball that bounces well. This amplifies any bias. Soft balls have been seen to win but are much more difficult.

Many biased wheel plays have occurred all around the world. It is difficult but very sweet when you find one. Avoid gambling and guess work. Be strict with your analysis. Stay away from one piece metal wheels like the Starburst from John Huxley, they can not be beaten in this way.

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