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Gambling in the Czech Republic 
The Czech Republic has taken a step closer to introducing new legislation that will create a licensed online gaming framework, after the proposed law was approved by the national senate. Last week, the Czech senate voted 42-0 in favour of the legislation, with a total of 23 abstentions. Czech President Miloš Zeman now has 30 days to sign the bill, which could come into effect as early as January next year.

In addition to dropping the country’s prohibition on global operators obtaining online gambling licences, the law will introduce new tax rates on gambling. On top of a standard 19% corporate tax rate, sports betting and lotteries will be taxed at 23% of gross gaming revenue, with RNG casino games to face a rate of 35%.

The legislation also includes various measures to help combat gambling-related social harms, such as a new database that will enable punters in the country to block themselves from accessing online gambling websites.

Currently though gambling in the Czech Republic is as versatile as nearly any other currently in the world. You can have a punt in a large number of ways.

The are obviously the standard casinos and betting sites available that are the same the world over, but for Czech speakers, will help you obtain information and advice from the world of gambling without the problem of a language barrier.

The Czech republic has casinos in the way most European countries do, many in the capital Prague and provincial casinos in smaller towns and cities around the country, around 40 in all. The provincial casinos are small places with just a few tables and machines. In Prague there are around 20 casinos with 11 being traditional regular add-ons to hotels that offer a range of games and poker, like a London casino with smaller limits. No Vegas type gambling here as yet. Most casinos are free to enter but you will need a passport of Schengen ID card.

Sports Betting
Not much in the way of legal bookmakers in Prague or elsewhere. There are sports bars that show big screen coverage, serve alcohol and will take bets over the counter. Nothing very complicated or with big payouts.

Slots Machines
No slot culture here like in Australia or the USA. You will find the standard RNG slots in Casinos, Herna Bars and Pivnices.

Pivnice (or Hospoda) – a pub
These places you can go and get a drink, play cards and meet your friends. Hospoda is smarter version of a Pivnice.

Herna Bar
This translated is a gambling bar. Late night places that the authorities want to close but never quite do. Some are good, same just plain rough as you would expect. For light gambling only if you value your health.

The Czech Republic has a state lottery like everywhere else. This is run by Sazka and is a 6 ball plus bonus lottery, numbers 1 to 49. tickets sold online and shops all over the country. Sazka is run by the KKCG investment group.

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