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Gambling in the Germany 
Germany is a federal republic consisting of sixteen federal states that all have their own laws for gambling as well as the federal laws. Internet casinos and online sports bookmakers were banned by Interstate Treaty from 1st January 2008. No government enforcement took place so people in Germany had little difficulty in gambling online.

In 2010 and 2012 the European Court of Justice ruling that the German government would be required to open up what it saw as a state monopoly of the country’s internet gambling industry which is against the single market principles. The federal government then amended their treay to allow a certain number of licences back in 2012 and although many hundreds of applications have been made, none have been granted.

In January 2012, the state of Schleswig-Holstein, northern most in Germany, created its own gambling laws which saw a good number of licences granted. Pressure from the feds soon had them back in line with the Interstate Treaty but not to repeal the licences which still stand.

Essentially no prosecutions have occured in Germany and licensed European operators have no trouble in getting customers in Germany, especially with the backing of the European Court of Justice.

The German Lotto, known as Lotto 6aus49, is the country’s biggest national game and draws take place twice weekly on Wednesday and Saturday. It is a 6 from 49 game and started small with just a few states back in 1948 but gradually all states joined in. There are around 25,000 acceptance points across the country but you can easily play it online at Tipp24.

General Online
Due to the confusion of German state laws and European rulings, some online operators take bets from people in Germany and others have chosen to stay clear, despite the huge volume of the german market. You'll have to check with your individual operator, bet365 does and Corals do not but this will definitely change over the next few years.

There are more than 50 casinos spread around Germany. You have to be be at least 18 and present a valid photo ID to enter. They are situated in large cities and spa towns, often denoted with the word 'Bad' in the title meaning just that, spa or even bath. Some, like the casino in Bad Ems which is 200 years old in 2020 are small and have less formal dress codes. Others, like the more famous Casino Baden-Baden are more for the high-roller and expect a dress shirt and jacket for men in the live games area. Here the minimum age is 21 and entrance fee of 5 Euros. There are no Vegas style casinos in Germany.

Sports Betting
Sports betting is legal and is very popular. Known in Germany as Sportwetten, you may see this on highstreet shops. Horse racing and trap racing are very popular. Normal racing bets are taken and they have few bet types of their own. Triple is first three in correct order, Place-Wette is in the first two and V5-Wette is a bit like a UK jackpot bet where you have to pick the winner of five appointed races and can have as many lines as you can afford.

High Street Shops
Sportwetten shops, or bookmakers are all over Germany in towns and cities. Most common names are Bet3000, Tipico, mybet and Tipbet but also smaller outfits very similar to the UK. Shops are generally clean and modern and safe.

Slots Machines
Thousands of amusement arcades around the country and all casinos have banks of slots, and some casinos are slot only. Most bars have slot machines, its a big money spinner in the country.

Sports Bars
All over Germany. You can't place bets except with illegal bookmakers which are very common in the country. All bars have slots.

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