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Why are casino reviews so prevalent in 2021?
The world of gambling has always evolved, from early gambling games with dice two thousand years ago to the first organised gambling houses of the eighteenth century. Those gambling houses became casinos and in the twentieth century they became corporate organisations that began the consolidation that drove out the privateer proprioter, men and women who had flair and customer happiness at heart. From the late 1960s, when the 1968 Gaming Act really began to bite into the 1100 or so unregualted casinos existing in the UK, to the late eighties, casinos became increasingly boring and plain and dwindled in number to less than 130 in the whole country.

The 1980s

From the mid-1980s non-casino forms of gambling began to flourish, innovating new forms like betting indexes and bookmakers bringing in the latest in technology. Betting remotely developed rapidly and having a phone and a credit card meant millions were able to gamble from the comfort of their own home and follow their money live on the increasing number of television and digital channels becoming available. In 1994 the National Lottery came into being and the general acceptance of gambling as a pastime established itself and the previous reluctance of politicians to consider liberalisation of gambling rules quickly vanished.

Yet through all this rapid change and growth in gambling, the casino world remained stuck, confined by restrictive laws and operational rules set out in the 1968 Act of Parlaiment. As a percentage of the overall betting turnover it slipped markedly and its customer base got smaller. Without change casinos would become a minor and unattractive underworld rooted firmly in an era that had long since passed.


In 1997 a new government was elected with radical plans to liberalise all gambling laws with a firm eye on the increased tax revenue it would generate and no attention whatsoever to the potential dangers. Nevertheless the casino world had been thrown a lifeline and a new Gambling Commission would supposedly lead the world in regualtion where countries around the world would follow. And they did. There was promise of liberalisation and, although years away from actually passing as law, the brakes and restrictions on casino development were removed. Online casinos developed by the existing major players of the time sprang up with no regulation whatsoever but still with limited options in the number of games available and no link with other gambling forms.


Into the twenty-first century the digital platforms of all types of gambling began to unify into platforms that offered nearly every form of gambling from bingo to poker to blackjack to football betting. With the 2005 Gambling Act coming into force, licenses could be granted to a much greater range of operators than just the big boys that had come up through the previous 40 years. Innovative new players grabbed the market with more aggressive marketing, new ideas and promotional techniques taking full advantage of the advances in digital communications and internet transmission speeds.

This continuous change brought with it a huge choice for the customer in digital platforms, a sizable proportion of which became available on mobile platforms like smart phones. Its a good thing for players to have the option to sign-up to a casino site that offers them what they want but with so many to choose from how can they get to grips with what is on offer. This is where the casino review comes into its own, like Planet 7 Oz Review, a place where punters can see at a glance what they are going to get for their patronage.

Forward on to today in 2021 when we are still getting to grips with a global health crisis which shut down all physical bricks and mortar gambling venues. Suddenly there was only digital outlets for that section of the population who hadn't yet trusted the online world with their data or bank card details. It was a whole new addition to the player pool and not only an opportunity to bring in more customers but simply necessary to get your casino reviewed just to keep your market share. As the BBC reported that online casino searches reached an all-time high during quarantine lockdown, online gambling operators reacted by offering more and more incentives, simply too much detail to take in without the casino reviewers.

So now as the world begins to get back to some sort of normality where players have the choice to return to physical venues if they dare, casino reviews are continuing in abundance as the choice just gets bigger and bigger. There will not be room for everyone when the dust begins to settle so looking after your customers is as important as it ever was. Back in the pre-digital age when freebies, like premier match tickets, and comps, like lavish meals on the house or free drinks, were the normal way of keeping punters coming back, now it is a trickier affair with regulators keeping a keen eye of proceedings. What you want for your dollars or pounds is regular promotions and bonuses to make you feel rewarded and valued, just like a physical casino would do.

Take care with your gambling, go to safe sites and keep it within tight limits.

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