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Which live dealer casino game should I place my bet on?
Baccarat, Roulette, or the Blackjack?
If you are a real money online casino player, you'd agree with me that these three games are some of the toughest. However, there are tips you could adopt to making it big. Online casinos offer all three games and more, but this post explains how you can bye-pass the difficulty in these games.

Irrespective of where you are in the world, you can find yourself a reputable online casino where these games are offered with a smooth user experience. Below are a few explanations of how difficult these games are and some tips for increasing your winning chances.


Baccarat is a tricky card game that requires lots of attention, focus, and dexterity. If you don't know the tricks, it's better you stay away from the game. I'd be sharing some with you! This game is similar to blackjack as it involves a player and a banker. Where the values of cards are added together; however, there are several types of baccarat. Still, the most popular one you'd probably find in a live dealer online casino is called the "Punto Banco." the aim is to outscore the banker, but this isn't as simple as it looks. On baccarat, the highest score you can achieve is a 9.

Here are some tricks to winning the baccarat:
  • DO not make the "Tie" bet: two of three baccarat bets have low house edges. Tie bet is, however, the rotten bet, which presumably has the lowest chances of winning.
  • Always bet on banker: Anytime you visit a live dealer online casino, and you sit by baccarat, your money should be on the banker. There's a 50% probability that you'd win the bet.
  • Money management is essential: Always remember that on Baccarat, you are betting on a coin flip. Flipping makes baccarat a tight game, but you could still make a good fortune from it. You should probably set for yourself a limit. For example, you could give yourself a 10 unit per decision limit with 100 as your decision bankroll. Peradventure you lose kindly leave, take a stroll, watch people or take a nap. Don't get too greedy!

Roulette is quite traditional, with a higher probability of making a tremendous amount of money. Now, making money is where the work lies. A European roulette wheel ranges from 0-36, where you can bet on any number appearing with 37-1 odds. For a win, the payout is pegged at a 35-1 odd. The American roulette offers a 38-1 odd with a payout of 35-1. Note that even when the winning odds are the same, the chances of winning on American roulette are slim. French roulette is similar to European roulette with some simple differences.

Tricks on winning while playing roulette:
  • The Martingale: This strategy might sound awkward, but it entails doubling the amount you staked anytime you lose. The simplicity of the Martingale makes it very popular. Nonetheless, if the casino has a maximum stake, the strategy becomes redundant.
  • The Gambler's Fallacy (d'Alembert): Here's another funny strategy; it states that if a number has appeared more than it ought to be according to its odds, other numbers will begin to appear in other to achieve equilibrium. This, however, is very risky, but the winning is enormous.

One of the most interesting fun facts about blackjack is that it isn't as time-consuming as other card games. All you do is draw random cards against the dealer until one of you goes bust or gets a 21. The simplicity of this game makes it popular amongst gamblers on live and online casino outlets. The top online casino makes it easy for players to get the hang of the blackjack.

Tricks to adopt when playing the blackjack:
  • Note the house edge: Just like in baccarat, the house edge on blackjack varies. It could range between 8% to 0.2%. Endeavor, you make your calculations appropriately before placing your bets.
  • Be smart: yes! You've got to be wise, especially when drawing cards. If you have a handful of 19s and 20s, you need not call for extra cards!
  • Doubling down: Here's another strategy you could adopt. This entails you doubling your initial bet to take another extra card. You could adopt this strategy once you notice your dealer has a bad hand. The offensiveness of this strategy makes it dynamic, and it could exponentially increase your earnings.
Conclusively, all three games have their unique features, but you could still win hitch-free by following these strategies. Yes, they are challenging, but if others could win, there's absolutely nothing stopping you from winning bigger.

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