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What to Expect From Online Casino in 2020

VR Casino
Image : Pixabay
There are few industries that are as progressive as that of the online gambling world. Online casinos continue to push boundaries and are often at the spearhead of both gaming and safety and security.

2020 is going to be another big year for the industry and the big brands are expected to really conquer once more.

The likes of Novibet and Paddy Power have really thrived thanks to their live casino over the past 12 months, with Novibet casino review posts raving about the technology behind them.

They’ll likely be at the forefront over the next year too, but what can we expect from online casino during 2020?

First and Foremost, More Regulated Markets

A real catalyst for the improvement in online casinos is money and millions will continue to roll in as governments across the world start applying new legislation to legalise online gambling.

This is particularly the case in the US, with a number of states now benefitting. It’s generating large sums for state coffers and with the news Google are relaxing advertising ban for gambling, revenue figures are only going to increase.

Virtual Reality

This will add funding to give sites the opportunity to develop further. Virtual reality will start to enter the mainstream a little more over the coming year, with the big-name sites expected to launch VR poker, roulette and blackjack.

Of course, headsets will also need to become more accessible to the general public before it really takes off as they are still heavily priced.

That’s a similar story as the rest of gaming too. VR has tried and failed to take off before but you really get the impression that we’re on the cusp now and 2020 could be a huge year for it.

Better Offers

As more opportunities arise for people to play due to laws being lifted, the competition also increases.

In order to capture new players, brands are going to need to be more inventive than ever before with their offers.

That’ll mean match offers and no deposit bonuses being more generous, as well as new and exciting bonuses that could be real game changers for how we sign-up to sites.

New Gaming Variants

A number of sites are getting a little more imaginative with the twists they have on the traditional games.

Often these are developed to offer quickplay, ideal for mobile gaming on the go. We’d expect more of this, alongside the integration of new technology such as video and high quality graphics.
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