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What are the fastest growing markets
in the iGaming world?
There are a number of emerging markets in the iGaming world, although there might not be too many that are going at a pace that some of the biggest are managing to grow.

With rules and regulations from each area of the world taking a rather different approach to each other when it comes down to gambling and iGaming, it is no surprise that many nations are at different points in their growth cycles.

The likes of the United States of America are perhaps one of the most famous in regards to growth in recent years as the legislature continues to be challenged and changed by each state, however they have nothing on other countries around the world, including many in the east.


Places such as Malaysia and other Asian countries have continued to see rapid growth levels be recorded when it comes down to the iGaming markets, with online casinos for Malaysia being incredibly popular with bettors. According to a recent report, the country ranked 21st globally in 2019 in the games market, with a more than 90% of the total $633 million revenue earnt coming from mobile users.

Of the 20.1 million gamers said to be in Malaysia, 87% spent money to further enhance their experiences, making the country one of the largest gaming markets in Southeast Asia.

This is rather astounding considering that online gambling is considered illegal in the country, for those that host the operation, that is. Bettors are able to make use of online gambling operators that are based abroad, though, as their laws provide some loopholes that can be exploited.


Indeed, there are places such as India who are also growing at a rapid rate and a lot quicker than any other country may be going at. Of course, with the number of people based in the country, it should not necessarily come as a surprise that India is growing at the rate that it is, especially when it is believed that their population has a culture of gambling on events when possible.

According to statistics that were provided in 2019, the Indian market was worth 62 billion Indian Rupees, which equates to around $830 million. In just 10 years, this value is expected to be quadrupled, further highlighting just how popular the online iGaming market is within the country.


Brazil is another that is seeing rapid growth within the iGaming market; again perhaps down to how populous the country is. The South American country might be yet to fully legalise betting as of yet, however online gambling is not covered by law, thus allowing many to take things online and place bets freely without fear. Brazil is believed to already generate around $5 billion a year, although that is expected to increase.


Colombia has continued to boom in regards to the iGaming market, although this could be down to the decision that the country signed an eGaming Act in 2016. 2018 saw over 1.7 million people register, whilst it was claimed in 2019 that the iGaming sector contributed around COP186.3 million to the country’s gaming industry.

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