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What Makes the Difference between a
Newbie and Professional Gambler
Gambling online attracts different people. Now that there is unlimited access to online casino games and low deposit sites, everyone can try their luck online. People start betting for many reasons: to relax after a tough day, socialize, have some fun, and escape the routine in life. Some of them do this to earn money, even though this is one of the biggest gambling mistakes that can lead to addiction. If you want to reap the benefits that online gambling offers, you need to learn to gamble just for fun.

When you play casino games, experience will teach you a lot. You should definitely learn the rules about gambling for any game you choose to play. In the end, games at casinos are based on luck. But, if you know some tricks and strategies that could boost your chances, you can learn how to make money from online casino sites.
Professional Gambler
Newbie vs. Professional Gamblers

Those who haven’t gambled online before can come across many barriers when they try this for the first time. They don’t know what games to choose or how to play them. Yes, if luck is on their side they can win big. Still, if you decide to gamble at high stakes casino sites and spend big cash, you should get acquainted with the games and gambling in general before you get started.

Not everyone can become a professional gambler. Successful casino gamblers have the money to invest, know the games and have experience. But, they also keep a cool head and avoid the danger of becoming a compulsive gambler. These people know the dos and don’ts of gambling and always have a betting plan.

First of all, they know WHERE to play for real money. They choose trusted websites like the casinos at Loopx to get access to top rated games, big bonuses, and have safe experience, especially when they do high stakes gambling. They learn when to stop and how to handle their losses.

Most importantly, they understand the essence of advantage gambling.

What is Advantage Gambling?

There’s a big difference between illegal gambling and advantage gambling. The latter means that the player has full information about the game’s rules and odds of winning. With this information, they can make calculation and plan how they can profit in the long run. This is not gambling for fun, but it is professional gambling. It’s not about making occasional wins. Professional gamblers go to a real money casino online and take carefully calculated risks.

If you want to become a professional gambler and practice advantage gambling, you need to choose a trusted website from iCasinoReviews lists. Next, you need to know the peculiarities of the game, which game is more likely to bring you a win, as well as the rules of the casino and the house edge.

Characteristics of a Professional Gambler

People who gamble professionally have certain qualities and a lot of experience. If you stress out easily and are eager to spend more, you aren’t equipped to become a professional gambler. In fact, many players have built a gambling addiction in an attempt to become professional gamblers.

A professional and experienced gambler is not necessarily the same thing. Every person who goes online to play casino games should get some experience beforehand. You should ensure that you’re gambling on a safe website, learn how the game is played, check the RTP and house edge, etc. This does not make you a professional gambler, but it will help you significantly in increasing your winning odds.

When it comes to gambling professionally, these people share a specific set of skills such as:
  • Exceptional observation skills. When you’re playing at high stakes tables, especially if you gamble live, you need to be very focused and attentive. Professional gamblers become resistant to distractions and remain alert for hours. Gambling continuously can make newbies lose focus, but these people are experienced and have improved mental focus on, let’s say, a poker table. Of course, they also know what to look for.
  • Big self-confidence. Unlike newbies who don’t know a lot about gambling and the game they chose, professionals understand rules and the process perfectly. They aren’t braggarts, but they have a lot of self-confidence. This allows them to maintain their poker face and remain calm even when things do not go their way.
  • Ability to adapt. Professionals are prepared to lose because they know this industry. They are not surprised if the unexpected happens and can adapt to it right away. Newbies, on the other hand, have little experience and cannot react quickly. They are often emotional.
  • Highly disciplined. Newbie players go to online casino sites to have some fun and maybe earn a bit of money – if they are lucky. They don’t have set goals or plans on how they’ll achieve things, at least not detailed ones. Professionals go there with a schedule, a set winning goal, and a budget plan. They are highly disciplined and stick to their plan.
Choices of Professional Gamblers

Newbies have many reasons why they choose a game. They might like the theme or name of the slot machine, or its design. They might be enticed by the low deposit option, their jackpot numbers, or the wild symbols. When it comes to live tables, they pick the game they are most eager to play at the moment or a game they have played before.

Professional gamblers consider their choice of games thoroughly and based on many things. They do not choose a game based on design only.

In fact, there are some games that professional players don’t even go near. There are games that provide players with an amazing thrill and if you’re lucky can be really rewarding. However, you cannot apply any strategy to them no matter how hard you try. The only thing you can do with such games is manage your bankroll – but that is it. No experience or strategies can be applied to games like lotteries or roulette.

If you watch a professional, you’ll notice that most of them opt to play intellectual games like video poker, sports betting, baccarat, etc. Many people lose on these games and they often have to bet big. However, if you know some good strategies and have a well-thought plan, you are more able to impact your odds on such games.

As you can see, there are many things that distinguish professional from newbie gamblers. If you aren’t looking to do this professionally, you should at least follow some of their steps. All players should aim to find a good casino, choose a game with good odds, and learn how to play before they deposit money.

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