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What Impact Is Coronavirus Having on Gambling?  
The recent Coronavirus pandemic, officially known as the COVID-19 pandemic, impacted lives and industries all over the world. And the gambling industry has not been an exception to this nor has it been the online gambling industry either.

Yet, the advent of this pandemic has hit land-based gambling and online gambling much differently. It is to be expected, of course, the medium in which one of them takes place is the antithesis of the other.

Yet, has it all been as bleak for the online gambling industry as it has been for the vast majority of industries, land-based gambling included? To find out about that, simply keep reading because theanswers might surprise you.

Less gambling Spending?

Times are tough all over. There’s less work due to the necessary measures taking to minimize the pandemic’s impact. Less work means less money.

Less money means less to spend on gambling, right? Wrong. The pandemic took a toll on land-based gambling due to attendance being restricted.

Yet, the digital register machine is still cashing in when it comes to online gambling. The total spending also appears to have increased notably because…

The Pandemic Drove Gamblers Online

This is true for land-based gamblers at least. Those that were online before it still are but they have developed a new appreciation of the advantages online gambling has. After months of being closed down, the Las Vegas strip, the land-based gambling Mecca, opened up back in June. But it did open under COVID-19 pandemic rules.

This means reduced total establishment capacity, social distancing, and a whole lot of disinfectant to clean everything that gets touched. These regulations understandably puts off quite a few people and will, of course, affect attendance ongoing.

But where it will not make one inch of difference is of course in the online gambling world. Which is why many die-hard offline gamblers are now trying online gambling for the first time. Existing online gamblers are trying their luck with different operators to take advantage of the improved offers available.

And more and more gambling curious people are discovering a new digital world. It’s a big year for online gambling, which leads us to…

Expect Online Gambling to Grow

Building on the last point, and in a more revenue-focused angle, you can expect online gambling to only grow larger in 2020. For the year 2019, online gambling worldwide reached a total value of $58.9 billion market share. For the year 2020, however, analysts are already expecting for it to grow past the $66.7 billion at least.

That’s a total increase of at least 13.2% of compound annual growth rate. And why is that? Well, thanks to a surplus of free time that most of the people on the planet have due to a certain pandemic.

Good to see there’s a silver lining, at least for online gambling’s profits and bored people with money worldwide, of course.

Positive Windfall

Leaving the fact that the whole planet was woefully unprepared for a worldwide pandemic to one side, the coronavirus pandemic has been certainly a win for the online gambling industry. No matter from which angle you look at it.

People who have more free time have been able to find money to gamble with, whether sensibly or otherwise. The shear convenience of online services, which of course includes online gambling, and the modern level of speed and reliability, meant that as increase in activity was inevitable and likely to be large in scale.

The worldwide population whose way of life has been interrupted due to corona virus could not be more grateful for technological solutions. If the pandemic has proven something is that online education, online work, and online gambling are here to stay, permanently.

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