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What Do Paytables, RTPs, and RNGs,
In Casino Games Mean?
Certain casino games, like slots and video poker, involve specific technical terms in their operation and function. But what are they, & what do they mean?

Since the early 1980s, certain casino games, such as slots and video poker, have proved to be a highly rewarding innovation for the casino industry. Now, with the rapid advancement of online and mobile technology, these types of casino games are only continuing to flourish, with more and more people playing them at home and on their mobile devices every day.

While they are usually quite simple and easy to learn and play, you may have wondered while browsing the games and learning to play, about the importance of terms like “RTP”, “RNG”, and “paytables”?

The Paytable

This is the list of payouts for a game’s winning combinations and bets. It will generally show exactly how much a player will receive in credits for a winning combination, along with other information such as the theoretical likelihood of a return, commonly called RTP.

The paytable is very useful for making strategic decisions before and during play, and also for beginner players to simply familiarise themselves with the winning combinations.


RTP, Return-To-Player, as mentioned, is the theoretical likelihood, or estimate, measured in percentage, of what a player can expect to receive in return for their wager.

An example of this is, if a $1 slot machine has an RTP of 95%, then that means, over the period of 1,000,000 spins, the game returns an average of $950,000 to the players, who have inserted $1,000,000 in credits. So, for $1 the player will likely therefore receive $0.95.

This system is viewed as a more easy and user-friendly way of understanding, and using, odds and aspects such as “house edge”, also known as the casino or house advantage, which is factored into the end RTP estimate.

Random Number Generator

Random chance is an essential core dynamic in each and every type of casino game, and in fact, in all of gambling. While usually nature and reality provide for us with “real chance” over every passing second, for a game played on a mechanical, electronic, digital, human-made device, it has to be synthesized.

This is done using a RNG, Random Number Generator, which is a general term for any device that simulates random chance by, as its name implies, generating random numbers. With the newest types of RNGs, also called PRNGs, “pseudorandom” RNGS, they are essentially “algorithms”, imbedded pieces of coded instructions, for the game’s operating system to follow.

Due to the great importance for RNGs, which are being used in an ever-increasing number of technologies, to both function correctly, and in games, to be completely safe and fair, the technology has to be heavily regulated by both governmental and casino regulating bodies.

Are They Important?

The short answer to this is, if you want to maximise your ability to consistently win at an online gambling casino, then yes, they are very important. If you just want to play casually though, and don’t really care about the winning part, then no, not really. Otherwise, if you are simply interested in the subject, then, what the hey, it can’t hurt to know little bit more.

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