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What Can You Expect When Playing
Live Online Roulette?
Multiple Device Roulette
Playing online Roulette gives you all the excitement and fun of a real-life casino with the comfort and flexibility of your own home. But did you know you can take the enjoyment one step further with a live online Roulette game? That’s right – get the feeling and atmosphere of a land-based casino even more so with live Roulette! Still feeling a bit dubious? Then let us guide you through what you can expect.

With a live online Roulette game, the stylish, physical roulette table is live streamed to all the players, using the latest HD technology, and set amongst a studio that fits the style and theme of the Roulette game you are playing, but also allows you to focus on the action of the wheel. The placing of the bets, the spinning of the Roulette wheel and the results of this, all take place in real time.

You will also be presented with a real-life human dealer on screen too. And don’t worry about having a static view, as the dealer can be seen from several different angles and camera shots. The same applies to the Roulette table and wheel, so you can get the best view of the all-important spins and the moment the ball falls into place – with the tension, relief or celebration made even better with the live reaction of the dealer.

You can also feel at ease with the fact that the majority of live streamed online Roulette is coordinated by professionally trained casino individuals, and with croupiers on hand via a live chat function to answer any questions or queries you have during the game. And adding to the social aspect and friendly vibes, on some live Roulettes you can even speak to fellow players with the live chat option also.

Of course, it also helps if you know the basics of how to play Roulette before you take on a live Roulette game. A European Roulette wheel has 37 sections divided into red and black coloured slots, numbered accordingly, with one of them being green for zero. On the table you will find the betting grid, to which you can complete your bet by placing the chips representing your wager on the number you predict the ball will land on. This also depends on the strategy you are putting into play, with the usual options being a straight up bet on a single number, betting on a black or red, or an odd or even number. Once you choose your wager, you have to just simply wait for the dealer to spin the wheel and see where the ball ends up.

The advantages of live online Roulette also include the different versions and themes available to get involved in. You can expect to see both European and American Roulette tables in a physical sense on the screen – with the difference between them being the number of green zero pockets that feature on the Roulette Wheel. There are even specially themed live online Roulettes, like football Roulette and Age of the Gods – all with an appropriately themed studio and dressed dealer to add to the fun and enjoyment of the interactive game.

So now you know what to expect, you can immerse yourself in the live Roulette experience, with the finest croupiers streamed live to your device, a variety of the best tables to play and the latest technology to give you the up close and personal experience. With live online Roulette, all of the drama and enjoyment of the casino game is brought to life in front on your eyes on your screen.

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