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UK Mobile Casino Gambling Guide 
If you’re stuck at home right now in the UK with rising numbers of Covid cases and an increasing risk of fresh lockdowns and new quarantines, then you are likely one of the millions of people turning to the internet for new hobbies and discovering the exhilarating world of online casinos! Interest in internet gambling is skyrocketing as physical interactions become fewer and further in between.

Fortunately, the mobile online casino scene was already massively increasing in both number and variety of websites and services before the health crisis leading to the current situation and this is partly why it has been successful in providing some cheer and fun for those of us stuck at home. 

In this article we present a few options for great online casino games which can be played on your mobile phone device. Each with an intriguing theme that should hook your interest and capture your imagination. While there are many sites competing for attention, we’ve picked out PlayFrank where you can play mobile casino games and chosen the very best from them!

Immortal Romance

Immortal Romance is a great game to play around the Halloween season, or indeed otherwise, as it features an interesting take on the themes of forbidden love and desire themed in a gothic setting paying homage to such TV and film vampire greats as True Love, Twilight and many more. Vampires and romance have made for a terrific pairing through both literary and modern film history! The sound effects and graphics combine to reinforce the trepidation and thrill of this terrific slot game.

The game itself is a high variance slot with a solid 96.86% RTP, meaning you’ll be raking home huge memorable wins with this one. With great structure leading up to unlocking character-themed advanced mechanics through your gameplay, you’ll come for the titillating themes and stay for the steadily ramping tension and payouts!

Gonzo’s Quest

Gonzo’s Quest offers a great representation of the search for the mythical golden city of El Dorado. In the 16th century Spaniards in their thousands sailed across the Atlantic in search of the magnificent city, rumoured to be shaped of solid gold and adorned with all manners of jewels, diamonds and treasures. Gonzo’s Quest plays on the imagination of these adventurers and explorers with a gorgeous thematic slot featuring Incan architecture and iconography alongside natural waterfalls and greenery. You’ll get as lost in the dream of wild riches as the conquistadors who went before you in this game.

A generous RTP of 96.0% and high variance means this game is as capable of hooking your interests and fascination as the others on the list and should be paid particular attention for any history nerds out there! What’s more, this game is available in both VR and on mobile, so there will doubtlessly be an experience of your liking awaiting you should you decide to play this one.


What theme could be more deliciously paired with casinos than Ancient Egypt? Cleopatra is perfect evidence that the classic combo still works today. The game is based around the legendary but true historical figure and Pharaoh Cleopatra of Egypt. Playing through the game you’ll be swimming in hieroglyphics and other classical imagery of the great desert Empire while here and there catching glimpses of the queen’s fleeting but alluring eyes. Golden tablets, shining scarabs and magnificent Gods await in this visually jam-packed masterpiece.

Behind the beautiful framing a low-mid variance slot game awaits your enjoyment. A solid RTP of 95.7% and a generous offering of free spins will keep you at this slot for many hours of pyramid-delving, and what’s more - it’s available both on mobile as well as for free for those of you looking to learn the game before putting any real money into it.

With these options outlined above, there will certainly be something for everybody, so what are you waiting for? Get out there and start spinning those slots!


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