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Top 3 most important strategies to winning
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It is no news that bitcoin dice games are arguably the most popular form of online casino games played with cryptocurrencies. The reason for this is that the game is somewhat straightforward, and players can easily relate to the whole concept in the blink of an eye. The record win recorded for Bitcoin dice games was one played in 2016, when a total of 250 bitcoins was won in one single roll. 

Note, however, that because the game is relatively straightforward to fathom doesn’t mean it doesn’t require some strategies. So, in other to record more wins when playing bitcoin dice games, you need to familiarize yourself with some of these strategies and tricks. Recall that board games and every game that has to do with dice throwing sit majorly on chance and mathematics. In this case –online dice games require strategies to help increase your chances. If you have been playing the traditional dice games before moving to the online gambling community, you should have a prior understanding of these strategies. The only difference here is that you get to earn cryptocurrencies, bitcoin instead of earning the traditional fiat. Some of the strategies we would be considering focus primarily on players staking plans. Since the rolling of dice is automated, the only strategy any online player can focus on mastering is staking. When should you stake high? When should you stake low? At what point should you repeat your staking pattern? You must be aware by now that when playing the bitcoin dice game, you only have the liberty of choosing a number between 1 and 100. Your bet will be placed on whether the dice will roll below or above whatever number you have chosen—the lower potential winning of the bet, the higher your chances of predicting the right dice roll.

Here are some of the most used strategies in playing the bitcoin dice games.

The Martingale strategy:

One of the oldest strategies in playing the bitcoin dice game. The concept of this strategy is relatively straightforward, and it involves the player doubling their bet each time they lose until the winning bet. While some gamblers might think this strategy is old-fashioned and ineffective, it remains one of the most used strategies on online and traditional casino houses. So, in this case, when you play the bitcoin dice game using the martingale strategy, once you win, you get each of your stakes alongside the profits in bitcoin. After every win, you begin a new betting trend by staking the initial bet you won. This strategy is very straightforward and does not affect the player’s earnings once a loss is recorded.

There are several variants of the martingale strategy, such as the break-even martingale strategy. The difference between these two strategies is their staking process. Also, we have the inverse martingale strategy, which is the direct opposite of the martingale strategy. Instead of a player increasing its stake on every loss recorded, the player increases his stake when on the winning streak.

D’Alembert Strategy:

This strategy is regarded as the most cautious when playing bitcoin dice games. It involves the player increasing his stake whenever he’s winning and reducing his stakes whenever he’s on the losing streak. One of the main facts to note about this strategy is that the probability of a player recouping his losses with one win will depend on the number of losses he has recorded before winning. This strategy is risk-free compared to the martingale strategy, although it has its demerits as well. It also has an already made template for its betting system that can only be incorporated into the game. One of the demerits of this strategy is that the probability of the player winning back all his losses with one winning roll is very slim and mostly not feasible.  

The Paroli Strategy:

The Paroli strategy is the player’s strategy. He starts by choosing any amount he wants to stake and bet with. Until he incurs a loss, the player can decide to double every of his winning, making this strategy very flexible and user-friendly. Peradventure, he feels he has overstayed his winning streak and still hasn’t recorded any loss; he has the capacity to continue or discontinue the game as he pleases. Again, since this strategy is more in agreement with what the user feels, it’s safer than the strategies mentioned above. Note that winning streak on bitcoin dice games is not an easy fit as it hardly occurs.

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