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The Next 3 Upcoming Trends In Online Casino

The total value of the global online gambling market is forecasted to rise to $81.71 billion by 2020, which represents an 85% increase from the $44.16 billion it was worth back in 2016. There are a number of reasons why the online gambling market has enjoyed exponential growth over the last few years - more and more customers are now making the shift from brick-and-mortar establishments to online sites due to increased convenience, a wider variety of options and a growing number of bonuses and promotions which are available exclusively online.

However, in such a fast-paced industry, online casinos are constantly looking at new ways to not only entice new customers but to keep existing ones too and with that being said, below are three of the most important new trends in online gambling which companies hope will maintain the popularity of their online casino platforms.

The Long Overdue Emergence of Virtual Reality

Ever since Oculus broke onto the scene back in 2010 with their Rift headset, we've been hearing about how virtual reality is going to change our lives in ways we never thought possible. While other technology giants such as PlayStation and Samsung have developed and released their own headsets, it feels like the last 8 years or so have delivered very little on the promises that were made when the technology first burst onto the scene. However, in terms of gaming and the online casino arena in particular, this all looks set to change.

Analysts at market research firm Technavio predict that the VR gambling market will achieve a CAGR (compound annual growth rate) of around 55% by 2020 and a spokesperson for the company went onto add that more and more online casinos are starting to embrace VR technology, with "Virtual Zone" from Boyd Gaming being a good example of a VR-based community experience in which players can compete with each other in virtual arenas for real cash prizes. The next decade or so is arguably the most important and challenging period in the history of virtual reality but if executed properly, the technology could alter the online gaming landscape indefinitely with immersive VR slot games such as Jack's World.
A Wider Variety of Games

It's already a well-established fact that more and more players are using online casinos due to the wider variety of games that are available when compared to some of the most popular land-based casinos. However, in order to maintain the interest of the paying customer, newer and more innovative games are constantly being tried and tested in order to ensure that online casino caters for even the hardest to please gamer. Gaming developers such as NetEnt and Microgaming are the forefront of the development of online casino games, with the latter placing an emphasis on themed slot games such as Jurassic Park and Tomb Raider as well as constantly improving some of their well-established titles. In addition to this, firms such as Betway Casino continue to offer many different variants of traditional casino games such as baccarat, while also allowing customers to enhance their online experience with live versions of three-card poker and Texas Hold'em. With companies seemingly choosing to focus on making their casino games more interactive and realistic to the user, there are numerous new possibilities which will only enhance an already diverse gaming portfolio.
Increased Security

Despite the fact that online casino is getting more popular, there are a number of gamers who refuse to make the switch from land-based establishments due to the fears over security and the transferring of funds online. The increasing prominence of online casinos has also lead to the rise of low-quality or even fraudulent websites and many of the industry's big players have vowed to do all they can to crack down on this malpractice which can drive away potential custom.

While the major online casinos take the security of their own sites very seriously, they are always looking at new and improved ways to secure the transfer of funds when it comes to their real-money games and cryptocurrencies are helping to ensure that this is the case. When it comes to ubiquitous cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, players benefit from the fast processing time, secure transfer of money and anonymity that it brings, while online casinos benefit from the relatively low cost of Bitcoin-run projects and ventures.

Trends Come and Go but Online Casino Is Here To Stay

As is the case with any trend or fad, it's difficult to predict what's next and in rapidly evolving industries such as online casino, it's virtually impossible to fathom where we will be within the next couple of decades or so. One thing that we can accurately predict, however, is that online casino is going nowhere and with companies constantly expanding their gaming portfolio and looking for new ways to entice potential customers, there's plenty of room left for growth in what is one of the world's fastest-growing sectors.
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