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The Most Extravagant High Rollers In The World Today  
Being a top ranking high roller is an impressive title to have. Take a look at the wealthiest high rollers that are doing the rounds in the casino today.

The Highest High Rollers Of Today

There are the average high rollers at your local casino, who perhaps get a few free drinks, and perhaps a nice hotel room. Then there are those high rollers that throw hundreds of thousands around the casino tables, all without batting an eyelid. Whatever your opinion how smart that really is, there are some extraordinary high rollers in the world that defy belief.

These are the highest of the high rollers today.

Kerry Packer

Kerry Packer is a man with a long, interesting history. He passed away in 2005, but his legend still lives on to this very day. He was widely known across Australia, and the world, for ruling over a total of nine television networks. He was also a founder of the World Series of Cricket, which, adding all of the above up, starts to give you a little insight into how much money he was worth.

It makes sense, then, that his time spent in casinos was nothing short of outrageous. It was well known that he would regularly spend around $400,000 at tables, often in a matter of minutes. One well known story tells of how he placed around $25 million in a betting streak across four roulette wheels, simultaneously, just as an experiment.

Packer didn’t do much sports betting, but you can read more about it here if all this talk of high rolling has got you interested.

Adnan Khashoggi

Khashoggi reputedly amassed a personal fortune of somewhere around $4 billion dealing weapons in the Middle East. But when not dealing weapons, he spent much of his time in casinos around the world.

One astonishing story occurred at the Hilton, and tells of how Khashoggi went on a particularly expensive gambling streak. Though, on this occasion the man won, walking out with hundreds of millions of the venue’s cash in his pocket. He won so much, the story says, that the Hilton’s yearly profits plummeted by around 19%. When your bets alter a casino’s bottom line, you know you’re a true high roller.

The Sultan Of Brunei

Interestingly enough, the Sultan of Brunei is a significantly more wealthy man than Kerry Packer, but apparently a much more modest gambler. Although the Sultan has a fleet of sports and luxury cars, totalling an estimated $4 billion, and a personal fortune of somewhere around $40 billion, he still only drops a minor $250,000 at the Roulette tables. In one bet.

Kerry Packer would have been ashamed.

Fouad Al-Zayat

We saved the best for last. Fouad al-Zayat was not just the biggest whale in the world, by reputation, he also happens to have had an extremely colourful life. Needless to say, he didn’t demonstrate the sense of discipline seen with the Sultan Of Brunei.

On one occasion, al-Zayat lost around £91 million at a Mayfair casino in London. You would think this means that the man had oceans of cash to throw around without a care in the world, but apparently not. He lost £23 million on credit at a separate venue, and refused to pay. A court battle eventually saw him ordered to pay a modest £2 million.

It doesn’t stop there, as al-Zayat was eventually found guilty of corruption and fraud, and sentenced to life in prison. He passed away in 2018.

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