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Discover The Most Exciting Casino Movies Ever Made!
Do you love the thrill of watching movies set in casinos? Take a look at our top casino movies, each one filled with plenty of fun, gasps and excitement!

The Best Movies Set In Casinos

As sure as the sun will rise again, so too will Hollywood produce more movies. Despite the global COVID-19 pandemic, movies have been going ahead with production and releases. Of course, they have also provided a welcome relief from the boredom that comes with being confined to our homes for well over a year now.

Many of us have used movies as a source of entertainment, but they have served us for more than just that purpose: they have also helped us to escape and to visit the places that we miss through our television screens. One such place is the beloved casino, with its bright, flashing lights and the plenty of excitement that they afford us. If you enjoy casino movies and have already watched every 007 flick to date, we have a few more that you may have forgotten about. Take a look at our favourite ones below.

Ocean’s Eleven (2001)

When it comes to casino movie characters, no one is more iconic than George Clooney’s Danny Ocean. Director Steven Soderbergh is credited with having turned this remake into a “jazzy, fleet-footed blast”, with Clooney’s charming titular character leading the pack. Of course, this movie has a star-studded cast that includes Brad Pitt, Julia Roberts, Bernie Mac and Don Cheadle, to name a few. The movie is packed with slick visuals, an impeccably dressed cast and the spirit of modern Las Vegas. It highlights everything that we love most about casinos, including the fast pace, twinkling lights and whirlwind of colours.

Atlantic City (1980)

Named after the iconic coastal resort city, Atlantic City tells the hopeful story of a young waitress who dreams of becoming a casino dealer despite several obstacles standing in her way. The movie features a young Susan Sarandon, as well as Burt Lancaster, whose performance was described by Vulture as an “honest, old-school movie star” one. Written by John Guare, this movie feels somewhat nostalgic when watched now, over three decades since its initial release. It highlights the charming, regal aspects of Atlantic City and reminds viewers of the dated casino glamour that we all fell in love with and can still find – only in a more modern way – at

Seabiscuit 2003

While this one is not set in a casino, it does remind us of why we love horse racing betting. Seabiscuit tells the charming rags to riches story of a jockey, a trainer and a horse. Jeff Bridges’ character is down on his luck and depressed, with just one possibly redeeming presence in his life: a seemingly useless horse named Seabiscuit. Tobey Maguire joins Bridges in the cast as an unlikely jockey who forges a bond with the horse and steers Seabiscuit to many victories, making for one of the greatest true stories of underdog resilience to come out of the 20th Century.

While it might be a while before we can return to our pre-pandemic lives and comfortably go out to visit casinos again, we can relive all of the excitement that they have to offer through watching these movies and playing all of our favourite casino games at online casinos, which are sure to provide us with just as much fun and excitement.

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