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The Best Casino Games for Beginners

If a novice were to step into a land-based casino for the first time, they would rightfully be overwhelmed by dazzling lights, shouting and the wealth of casino games available to them. Online, there is even a greater range to choose from as the games in the cloud are not limited by physical space. This was evident during the lockdown, where searches in online casinos hit an all-time high. It could prove trivial for the house to drain the beginner’s wallet of all their money, so it is important to know what games are suited to newcomers. Having this knowledge will ensure their first casino experience is an enjoyable one and will encourage them to return.
Casino Games For Beginners

Get experience before trying advanced games

Casino games range from minigames on machines to tabletop games that involve dice or cards. For the beginner though, the universally agreed best game to start on would be the slot machines. Though these are typically fixed in the favour of the casino, slot machines remove skill and thinking from the equation and allow gamblers to simply try their luck in hopes of winning. This differs from games like poker, where a high amount of skill, social awareness and deception is involved. The slot machines could be the perfect option for newcomers to the casino world as they may have already had experience with them in the past – there are normally one or two machines in the corner of pubs across the UK. This familiarity will work wonders in introducing beginners to the gambling world and allow them to settle into the experience before trying more advanced games.

Step up to Roulette

Once the novice desires to graduate from the slot machines, the next best casino game to play is roulette. The roulette wheel is perhaps the image most people see when they think of a casino, and for good reason. It is one of the most popular games because of how simple it is to pick up, and yet it is also loved by gambling veterans as there are advanced-level strategies that they can use on the wheel. Every reputable casino site will have roulette available, like these for example, and the game consistently attracts players of all levels. Most beginners will use the 50/50 betting system for simple ease of use. This means that they will put chips on either red or black or an even or odd number. Like slot machines, there is a high element of luck to this game, but the fact that the rewards can be high when there a lucky streak comes means that it is a popular game for many players.

Next up is Blackjack

Another easy to pick up casino game is blackjack. Most people have likely played some variation of this game at some point in their lives, so like the slot machines, it may be a good idea to start on this game to have some sense of familiarity. The objective of blackjack is to get as close to 21 as possible, but anything over will result in a bust. Beginners appreciate this game as the objective is relatively simple as it all depends on risk attitude – the players have no idea what card will be drawn from the deck next.

These games are most suitable for beginners mainly because they are easy to access, but also have a high skill ceiling for when players develop their skills.

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