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Sweepstake Casinos Are All the Rage in the States,
But What Exactly Are They?
Sweepstakes casino having been taking the United States by storm. Available online, sweepstakes casinos are a new concept when compared to regular online casinos but they are becoming extremely popular in the US. If you are new to sweepstakes casinos or you simply want to know more about the concept, continue below as we bring you all the information you need to begin playing.

How Do Sweepstake Casinos Work

Sweepstake casinos have been designed to provide a more social experience when playing online casino games. Rather than having to play as an individual, you can join games with friends or chat with other members of the sweepstake casino when playing a game. The most important aspect of a sweepstake casino is the currency used to play the games.

There are two types of currency available when playing at sweepstake casinos and they are gold coins and sweep coins and we will come to these in more detail shortly. The main difference between regular online casinos and sweepstake casinos is you do not use your own money to play the games available at a sweepstake casino but you do when playing at a regular online casino. If you win when playing at a sweepstake casino, you do not receive real money. Much like regular online casinos, sweepstake casinos are available to play on mobile devices and you can find out more on So, you can sign up for free, play the games for free, and socialize with friends but what is the difference between the two sets of coins?

Gold Coins

Gold coins are what sweepstake casinos give away for free when you first join. They are a virtual currency and can be used to play the games on the casino. You cannot win any real cash when playing games using gold coins but they can be purchased from the casino when you run out so you can continue playing. Many of the leading sweepstake casinos offer ways to get gold coins for free via promotions and you do not have to spend any money if you are willing to wait for gold coin bonuses.

Some sweepstake casinos will use different names to describe gold coins but they form the basis of all online casinos using the sweepstake model.

Sweeps Coins

Sweeps coins are the second form of virtual currency available at sweepstake casinos. Unlike gold coins, sweeps coins cannot but purchased using real money but they do hold a real monetary value.

Sweeps coins can be exchanged at sweepstake casinos for real cash and other prizes including gift cards and electronics. The question is, if sweeps coins cannot be purchased but you can exchange them for real value prizes, how do you get them in the first place? Sweepstake casinos offer them for free and they are usually provided as a bonus, along with gold coins, for new account holders.

Sweeps coins are also awarded as a bonus when purchasing golf coin packages and as a reward when you login to your account regularly.

How are Sweepstake Casinos Legal?

Sweepstake casino gaming can lead to winning real cash prizes so how do they remain legal in the United States? With conventional online casinos only available in a handful of states, why are sweepstake casinos readily available across the country? The fact you do not have to buy gold coins to play the games and the games are played using virtual currency is what keeps sweepstake casinos legal in the US.

With a thorough understanding of how sweepstake casinos work, it is easy to see why they are so popular. Sweepstake casinos offer free casino games yet still provide a chance of winning real prizes.
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