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Playing Online Casinos after you have been on Gamstop 
Self-exclusion systems are a great tool for helping people with problems in relation to their gambling and use of them is positively encouraged. In the UK its known as Gamstop and this program is way ahead of its counterparts in other countries, indeed some don't have anything at all. In Australia the equivalent is a combination of state or territory wide programs and individual operators provision of self-exclusion. You can find these through the Australasian gaming Council. In the USA its also both state wide and individual casinos and sportsbooks but some states have no program at all.

We actively encourage the use of self-exclusion for people with problem gambling issues whether they have got into difficulty already or feel vulnerable to the temptation of gambling. However the pressure on gambling operators is increasing around the world and for some people what they thought would be a temporary bar from their online gambling actually turns into a permanent exclusion across all major operators.

Pressure from the United Kingdom Gambling Commission has forced operators that offer gambling services to anyone in the UK and any operator that wants a UKGC license to join a national self exclusion scheme. This is supposed to be controllable by the individual with the freedom to select a period of absence of their choice, but this has become not the case for many people trying to return to online gambling at major online casinos or bookmakers. The reason is big gambling firms are too scared to let people return as they fear the possible consequences should the player get into difficulties. The media are there waiting to pounce on the gambling industry any time they can get an individual to reveal a tragic story and the UKGC are ready to hand punishments that make them look like they are doing something effective.

Return to Gambling

So the problem people are finding once they have sat out the prohibition period is that as soon as they apply to join any of the online real money casinos that they find through local internet searches, they are refused membership. What was meant to be a medium term rest from gambling has turned into a life-long ban which seems like a punishment. And some of these people were basically forced into joining the scheme by others who thought it was best for them. There are of course ways around this blanket ban that should always be considered with great care.

Shady Operators

There is another more insidious problem that can come from joining a self-exclusion program. Operators with no morals, and an over-whelming desire for profit, have been known to use the ban to manipulate the result of a players gaming. This they do by allowing people who have barred themselves at another gambling outlet to join up, deposit money and start to gamble. If they lose then no action is taken but if they go on to win then the casino “suddenly realises” that they shouldn't have let the player join up in the first place and will rescind membership, return deposits and refuse to pay any winnings. And some of these are well known companies.

The way out

As the internet knows no borders you obviously can use its power to reach beyond the scope of state wide blocking where you live. You can easily search for casinos in other countries, European, Australian or even New Zealand and you'll find things like crazyvegas online casino or one of a thousand others. The important thing to remember is to check every site you go to, and want to join, has its license. There will be a link found lower down on the homepage and you can follow that through to the licensing authority website where the details of the license can be checked. There are no 100% guarantees where ever you go but this is minimum level protection you want for yourself.

If in doubt stay with Gamstop

Whilst we encourage people to explore their options when in control of their gambling, it is absolutely clear that if you have any doubt about you being able to gamble safely within sensible limits then stay within the self-exclusion umbrella of Gamstop, or whichever state wide organisation you have signed up to.

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