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Play trustworthy online casinos in your own language
With literally thousands of online casinos to choose from it may seem impossible to get away from the big names that you see on TV sponsoring premier league football games or filling up the advertisement breaks on commercial networks. That however is all about to change in the run-up to the world's bigest sporting event, the football world cup in Qatar in November. As from October the UK will ban gambling ads featuring sports and reality stars. No more Cristiano Ronaldo or Jose Mourinho fronting bookmakers and casinos on your television.
Famous Las Vegas
Image by Michelle Raponi from Pixabay
So the big names will be gone from your screens with their famous stars, leveling the playing field for smaller gambling domains to compete. More importantly it is the case for many millions of online gamblers that their first language is not English and just are not offered rules, conditions and gameplay in their own language. These are sometimes hard enough to navigate through when its your first language and so trying it in a second or third one is not to be recommended. So it is okay to play at lesser known casinos or other gambling types so long as you check they have a license.

There can be benefits of playing at lesser known operators as they have the freedom to change quickly and offer more variety and options to you as a player. So if you are from Japan then you probably want to be playing at a Japanese casino where everything is in your language.p.

Multiple Software providers

One advantage of avoiding the giants in the gaming industry is you get to play games provided by a range of software providers like Microgaming or Netent who have all gone through rigorous checks to make sure their offerings are safe, fair and can not be manipulated by the operator to be in the house favour.

Choose non-standard payment options

Another benefit of using independent gambling domains is that they offer you the chance to deposit money from anywhere that you have it. So you can use the standard cards, like JCB if you are from Japan, or you can use a multitude of blockchain tokens or even offshore e-Wallets. These could be bitcoin, tether or sticpay or many others that you have decided is right for you.


If you are going international for you gambling you still want to have a level of over-sight and regulation. Therefore using a website with an world wide recognised licensing authority is really a must. In fact cross-border payment options will only pair up with online gambling if the site can show that it has a license. It might be from Curacao or Malta or even the island of Alderney, but they all go through rigorous checks to make sure the company they are giving the license to has proper safety guards in place.

Having talked about licensed vendors you should always be aware that no license guarantees your money, even those gambling sites that are licensed by the UK Gambling Commission. So at all times keep your deposits at a level that you can afford to lose. Very rarely happens but it does sometimes.

Sign-up Checks

There is increasing pressure on gamblers to show evidence of their income before they can gamble. This is a personal safety step with which there is nothing wrong in principle. But if you are a person with non-standard income or have spare cash then this can be a real barrier to you having a private flutter freely using your money as you wish.
Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay
Here with internationally based gambling these checks are of lessor intensity and you will not have to provide your payslips before you can spin the roulette wheel.


There is all-round flexibilty with choosing to gamble away from the big players in the market place. However, take your securiry as seriously as you would when dealing with large internationally known corporations. .

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