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Play European Roulette instead of
North American Roulette
The game of roulette is worldwide and is in principle very simple yet small changes to the rules make quite a big difference to the players without them realising it. Roulette is a game with a psychological twist in it that few people understand, including casino operators who deal the North American style version of the table game. Even when some real casinos have the best brand design in the world that can manipulate customers into spending more money, they over-look the fundamental statistics of game play and the effect it has on its customers.
Monte Carole Casino
Monte Carlo Casino Image by Charlottees from Pixabay
We are labelling the game in the USA as North American Roulette (NAR) because it is popular in the UK to call its very own version of the game, American Roulette, which is confusing to all and long ago people forgot why this happened. The UK version of the game is now the most popular across Europe and so this is the game we will compare against NAR. The problem with NAR is that it has two green numbers, Zero and Double-Zero. This raises the house edge from 2.7% for European roulette to 5.26% for NAR, a big jump and seemingly a good one for the house. But this is not the case, something that is overlooked and we will explain.

So from basic house edge numbers it really makes no sense to play NAR when European roulette is widely available. Which ever country you are in, there are options to play single zero roulette and with the growing licensing across Europe if you need a gambling domain with English, Danish or German as options then you can head to Wunderino Casino, no NAR here. Also it is standard these days to be able play with a live dealer to get that genuine casino feeling or even go the whole 19th century experience and choose French roulette.

To demonstrate the difference between the two main types all you need to do is take a look inside a major casino in the USA and compare that with a large venue in a European country lie Monaco, Holland or the UK. There is not much of a buzz around the roulette tables in America but on a busy night in the UK there is a throng of people eager to place bets on the outcome of the wheel of fortune.

Roulette Psychology

The reason European roulette is much more popular is not that people understand the edge against them very well but it is the effect that edge has on their bankrole. In NAR their money is reducing at such a rate that in just a few experiences of playing the game for real, people are quickly out of pocket and they give up. With European roulette there are enough rewards and winning nights that they keep coming back for more. If you analyse the amount the casino “takes”, (term for percentage retained from the money exchanged for chips) then its about 20% for European and 28% for NAR. Seems like NAR is the choice for casino operators but the popularity of the European game far outways it and the casino makes much more money from it.

So European is much better for you, your wallet and your whole gambling experience. There is a buzz in the casino and that attracts people to return. Better all-round.

French Roulette

If you want to slow things down then some real world casinos and most online gambling houses offer French roulette. This is the game you may have seen in the movies, James Bond for rinstance or noir movies from past decades. Here a table is worked by two croupiers, one senior over-seenig proceedings and the other sitting down placing chips. In regular roulette each player has coloured chips to distinguish their bets from other peoples.
French Roulette
French Roulette Image by 10741031 from Pixabay
In French roulette all players are playing with the same jetons of currency value but the dealer, or croupier, places them for you and remembers which bet belongs to who. Experience and skill is required to do that but there is always help available from the oversight of the senior croupier. They will use a long stick to bring chips in and push winnings back to players so they never have to stand at the table, they are always sitting.

This type of game is much slower and gives players more time to consider what they are doing, which is always good, and chat to others at or around the table. You might be enjoying a glass of wine or eating a sandwich. Of course the slower pace means the casino is not making money as fast and so often the minimum bet size on these tables is bigger.
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