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Opening An Account With New Casinos Online
There are more people playing at online casinos now than ever before and that number is only going to increase in the future unless there is government intervention to restrict access which is unlikely. However there is very likely to be stricter controls on how much money people can gamble but not so much that regular people will be affected. Its also true that in times of crisis gambling in general sees a strong continuation as people look for action that gets the heart pumping. And this brings with it the temptation to look for juicy new deals and try somewhere you haven't played before. So lets look at what you should consider when thinking about opening a new account with a real money online casino.


A surprisingly large proportion of people don't think much about their security when signing up to a new casino operator. If the site looks professional that seems to be enough for people to part with their money and personal details. However it really is very simple to do a quick check on the new casino website that you are looking at because much of the work has already been done for you.

When you have landed on the home page of new casino site all you need to do is scroll down to the bottom of the page and look for the link to the license page of the United Kingdom Gambling Commission and click on it to make sure you are taken to the corresponding page on the UKGC website that matches the details of the operator that just sent you there. That's it. The work has been for you to ensure that operator, its financials and the software provider are up to scratch. Be mindful of course that no license guarantees your money. If they go bust or into administration you will have to hope for full redemption of your balance, but this nearly always the case with a licensed gambling operator.


Its an obvious temptation to move to a new casino and pick up that deposit bonus of 100%, sometimes 200%, or similar types of incentives to get you to part with your money. And why not? Well if you are just a casual player who may like a gamble now and then you are very unlikely to meet the wagering terms and conditions. Thus the bonus is not achievable and you won't get any. On the other hand if you are visiting your online casino regularly then you'll probably meet the terms and conditions easily without spending more than normal and therefore pick up that extra cash and so it makes perfect sense to sigh-up to a new operator. Just remember not to gamble more than you intended merely to meet the wagering requirements.


All licensed gambling sites are legally obliged to ask you to set daily or weekly spend limits and deposit limits. Take the opportunity to consider them and put some in. It makes sense because everyone can run cold when gambling or get into the chase mentality so the brakes are there set by you to stop anything serious from happening. These are positive steps that make online gambling more fun because you now someone is looking out for you and its you.


This is a bit more tricky. Yes all operators have to give you the option to self-exclude which is good. If you want to bar yourself it might be a sensible step. But until the UKGC get their multi-operator self-exclusion facility up and running (because it is coming) then some casinos can play fast and lose with the rules.

It can happen that players have a bad run and a particular casino and decide the venue is just bad luck or even believe they are bending the Random Number Generator output to make them lose. For whatever reason they bar themselves they then decide to play at a completely different looking online casino and deposit some cash to play with there. What has happened to a good number of people is that many operators have multiple online casinos (or use the same software provider including customer details databases) and so had the chance to see that they had excluded themselves from one of their other sites. They then let the customer play and if they won money that was subsequently submitted for withdrawal someone in customer services stepped in with the bad news. That news was that as they had excluded themselves elsewhere on their network of casinos then they also excluded on this one and so all winnings were void and the only the deposit could be returned. This clearly is sharp practise so check to see your new online casino is run by a different operator if you have excluded yourself at another.

Smart Casino Gambling

It not commonly known by gamblers generally but certain ways of playing casino games will reduce their chances of winning dramatically. Its a good idea to brush up how games work and why casinos makes their money from them. For instance player who carpet the roulette layout with chips are just forcing themselves to lose instead of giving themselves a chance to win by getting lucky. Similarly blackjack players who don't learn basic strategy can turn a house edge of 1% into a casino winning advantage of 5% or 10%. So give yourself the best chance of getting lucky.

Bonus Abuse

There are some enterprising companies starting up that deal exclusively in bonus rigging, especially playing slot machines. That means they have multiple accounts and use them for the purpose of tricking online casinos into paying out the bonuses. To get these accounts these companies pay you for your bank card details and your photo ID. We know that extra money can be useful but the risk is way too high and its a barely legal, if at all, business activity. Don't be tempted.

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