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Online casino bonus guide for newbies 
At the moment, online casino sites are growing hugely popular, with new sites providing every growing levels of fun.

Online casino sites lovers now have more places to play than ever before, with their favourite games at their fingertips. What’s more, this creates a demand for guidance on selecting the best casino bonuses, with sites such as fulfilling this need.

In this article, we will create a quality online casino bonus guide for newbies. From what bonuses are to how you can stay safe using them, we will cover all of the major points!

So, without further ado, let’s get going with a look at our online casino bonus guide for newbies.

What are online casino bonuses, offers and promotions?

Basically, bonuses are promotional offers common at online casino sites to help incentivise new members to join up.

Usually, this first arrives in the form of a welcome bonus, which most commonly is a deposit match type. Players receive a percentage of their first deposit, usually 100%, 200% or 300%. This money arrives once they deposit for the first time and usually has a limit.

No deposit bonuses are not so frequent yet can offer serious incentive. Essentially, they award players with bonus cash to play with prior to depositing. Basically free money! Although as we shall see, this comes with caveats.

How to safely enjoy online casino bonuses as a newbie

Basically, safety has always been a concern for players enjoying online casino sites. As a result, bonuses have also thrown up some concerns. Whilst nowadays the majority of sites are safe, players still often need reassurance in terms of just how safe their desired online casino site may be.

SSL encryption can be a good method to make sure a site is safe and therefore that a bonus is secure. This technology essentially stops sensitive information from being accessed by malevolent third parties and ensures any bonus will be secure.

Another way to ensure that your casino bonus is safe is to thoroughly check all terms and conditions prior to registering. This will include gaining an understanding of wagering requirements. Essentially, these are included in most bonuses and require players to spend a set amount of money before they can access any winnings gained using the initial bonus amount.

For those who still don’t feel certain about the security of their chosen casino site, it is always a good idea to check out the licensing arrangement they have. This is often directly related to the country within which they operate and refers to the ways in which a casino site is regulated.

If your chosen site is regulated by a reputable body, odds are that it is a safe place to play and, therefore, a secure spot to enjoy an online casino bonus from.

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