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Mobile Gambling - Friend or Foe? 
Over the past decade we’ve seen a shift in mobile gaming from being a relatively small, dead market to becoming an absolute powerhouse with year on year growth and billions of dollars in investments - publishers have found a new market as games filled with micro-transactions, and apps with subscription models have started to dominate the way we use our mobile devices - more than ever users are less likely to access services from their laptop or desktop but use their smartphone instead. Innovations within the game and gambling industry have capitalised on this too by bringing online casinos and betting services to the palms of our hands - but what kind of impact is this having?

Mobile Gambling in the UK

Particularly within the UK, online gambling has become a growing concern as the number of active users is increasing year on year, and with the rapid acceleration in how the apps behave and how marketing is handled, reform to monitor the industry is quickly falling behind. There have been efforts to reduce the number of problem gamblers within the country with initiatives such as Gamstop, but it isn’t without its limits - the registration to Gamstop doesn’t apply to all casinos as it is currently an opt-in  program, and those who choose to register outside of the UK in countries with slightly more lax regulations can still pull in big numbers - and this also provides an opportunity for those who have chosen to sign up with Gamstop to restrict their gambling habits to continue as they had before.

Improving Technology

There are many factors to why mobile gambling has seen such a huge increase in use - simpler and faster payment methods mean that those looking to get started aren’t required to jump through one hundred different hoops to get started. Developments to our smartphones have made them faster and more connected than ever before, this removes any soft restriction to gambling - such as needing to go to a physical location. Marketing and performance practices within the industry have also improved massively - the games look better, they’re more eye catching and engaging than before, and modern technology allows gamblers to have a “social experience” with live dealers and chat rooms if they choose - online media and social media have also provided an ability to advertise on a mass scale where restrictions that they may experience by advertising on TV don’t apply.

Outside Of The UK

Whilst there are those that struggle with gambling addiction, as well as a steady rise of children who are able to access these gambling services where they shouldn’t be able to - it is also providing a huge industry boom to the millions who gamble in moderation. Whilst there are efforts to step up security checks and reduce maximum stakes for UK based companies - some of which restrictions include removing the ability to add balance to your account using a credit card - may help the problem at home, but for the many who choose to use services not registered in the UK, it doesn’t change much..

Gamble Responsibly

It is a difficult question to answer, as with any, whilst there are many that are at risk of addiction, that are just as many that are able to use the services safely. As always, make sure you gamble responsibly and safely, and where you feel you are unable, there are many options available to help reduce your use, and your exposure.

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