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Licensed Casinos Outside of the UK

When playing at any casino, bookmaker, slot or bingo site, it needs to be licensed and therefore regulated for your own safety. If you are in the UK that means licensed by the Gambling Commission but there is a whole world of possibilities outside of the United Kingdom and in the last couple of years the regulation world has grown much larger. It has been the case for many years that the UK based Gambling Commission is the pinacle of eGambling regulatory bodies and this is still the case but challangers have emerged around the globe.

The reason for ths shift is two fold. Firstly the UK eGaming market is super-saturated, for every new player that enters the market one bows out or goes bust. Its just too difficult to enter unless you are a giant and so meeting the standards required and having a physical UK presence is just too expensive. Secondly on Monday May 14th 2018 the US Supreme Court made a seismic change when is decided to strike down a 1992 federal law that banned commercial sports betting in nearly all states. Since that momentus decision various states have been liberalising their gambling laws and the big US casino operators are putting their roots down in many states and even in other countries.
Valletta Malta
Valletta, Malta
Photo by Micaela Parente on Unsplash
Malta Gaming Authority

So operators are looking for a stamp of approval from authoritees that allow them to display a badge of trustworthyness to prospective punters and get that at a reasonable price whilst still having to provide all the safeguards you expect. The Malta Gaming Authority is now a big player in this arena having been founded back in 2001 and is backed by full government regulatory procedures and scrutiny. So if you come across an MGA Casino licensed operator you know it has been through all the background checks and customer safety procedures that you would get from the Gambling Commission but just isn't targeting UK customers.

In this way eGambling businesses avoid a whole separate set of conditions for obtaining a license when the gain in such an over crowded market would be just a few customers. This allows for more bespoke gambling sites that tailor for lesser spoken languages, styles and traditions of a particular region or country and games that me popular in one place and not another.

Safety Advice

However the advice for players is still the same wherever they play. Not only scroll down the home page on any gambling portal and make sure there are details of their license but follow through to the gambling control commission's website and check they really have been granted a license. It sounds extra work and it is but you only have to do it once and then you know you have done the due diligence required to the best of your abilities to make sure your money is as safe as it can be. Remember nothing is completely safe. Golden rule is only gambling what you can afford to lose completely.

We have already mentioned the Malta Gaming Authority but there are others in different jurisdictions around the globe with already with 25 years of experience.
Alderney Flag
Flag of Alderney
Image by OpenClipart-Vectors from Pixabay
Alderney is a small channel island with a population of just over 2000 people that is just of the coast of France but is a British Crown dependency. This means it has a large degree of autonomy and thus the Alderney Gambling Control Commission is able to offer a regulatory framework and certification to international players which include some big name players.

Growing Choice around the World

There are many more licensing authorities to list all with ever increasing levels of scrutiny on their license holders as the world of online gambling continues to grow at a rapid rate. The Gambling Commission is the biggest of them covering Great Britain (not Norther Ireland) and has the longest history. Others include Macau, Singapore, Gibraltar and Spain. France has the ARJEL which is the Regulatory Authority for Online Games which oversees all online gaming.

Curacao has a long history in gambling licensing but this in the past has had a rocky road due to the conflict of interest between sound regulation and the lucrative nature of attracting gambling companies to base themselves in the territory. In the last 2 years however independent government has moved forward with much tougher regulation.

Other major pregulatory layers are Nevada, Canada, the Isle of Man (another Crown dependency) and Australia. Of course the growth in gambling especially online has prompted many governments to the revenue benefits of legalisation by regulation to gain tax and regulatory bodies are springing up all over the world.
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