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Is it Safe to Gamble in Sweden? 
Sweden is an excellent country to visit or to start a new career. But similar to many nations, you don't want to visit a gambling place without knowing the rules. So, what do Swedish laws say about casinos and betting shops? Is it a great place to be a gambler?

Gambling is Legal

You can relax—gambling is legal in Sweden for everyone above 18 years. The Swedish Gambling Authority regulates the industry by providing new licenses and overseeing the operations of local casinos.

Gambling on foreign casinos is also allowed although the government encourages people to use locally licensed betting companies. The country promotes local gaming in the following ways:
  • Zero taxes on winnings
  • Strict rules to keep off scams
  • Betting limits to prevent problem gambling
  • Freedom to play all gambling games
Sweden is experiencing an upswing in the number of online casinos setting shop in the country lately. That means there’s a demand for online casinos. It also means the gaming industry is headed for growth.

Established Gambling Operators

With gambling being legal and the demand for casinos on the rise, Sweden has been attracting some of the best operators. From Malmo and Stockholm to Gothenburg and Uppsala, you can bet on worldwide famous casinos like 888, 22 Bet and 21 Casino.

Of course, you don’t want to use these casinos just because they are famous. Find out the strengths and weaknesses of several companies and choose the best among them. Also, consider what matters the most to you.

For example, if you love poker, you want to use a casino that provides all the best poker variations. If you prefer slots, look for the best slot casinos. Allvideoslots Sweden can help you find an excellent slot casino. More importantly, it can help you find a gambling site that cares about customers by providing top-notch services.

Security and Safety

Similar to any other responsible country, Sweden doesn’t dish out licenses to casinos without doing background searches on them. For starters, it researches the criminal records of casino operators to ensure they have integrity.

Also, it evaluates the security measures and policies an operator has in place before it can license them. That way, only secure and safe online casinos acquire permits to operate in Sweden.

And sure enough, all of the well-known online casinos in Sweden have security certificates that prove they are safe. They have player-friendly terms and enforce data privacy policies that protect customers’ information.

In addition to security certificates and strict data privacy policies, some casinos also invite independent auditors to check their games. That’s a reassuring move because you can be confident the games you play are fair.

Games and Providers

Games are regularly the center of concern when people speak about unsafe casinos. A company could be licensed and use SSL certificates. But if it’s not genuine, it could partner with software providers to rig games.

Fortunately, that's not the case with many Sweden-based online casinos. Quite the contrary, Swedish companies acquire games from respected developers, some of them based in Stockholm. Here are some of them:
  • NetEnt
  • Play’n GO
  • Microgaming
  • Quickspin
  • Playtech
  • BetSoft
  • Evolution Gaming
Similar to casinos, software developers operating in Sweden must also hold valid licenses. More importantly, they must provide proof that their games are fair. That way, Swedish customers can always be confident they are not losing money to casinos unfairly.

If you need more proof, consider learning more about each provider. NetEnt, for example, comes from Stockholm. It takes pride in offering some of the best slots out there. Play’n GO is also homegrown but Microgaming and the rest have offices offshore.

Communication Channels

Contact channels are crucial, especially when you want to assess whether a casino can be trusted. You can send an email to observe how fast it takes a company to reply or call them to see if anyone will pick your calls.

In Sweden, most casinos use three contact methods:
  • Live chatbots
  • Emails
  • Phone Calls
Live chatting is the easiest and most convenient communication method. Email support is better when you need to attach receipts or evidence of some misunderstanding with the casino. Phone calls, on the other hand, ensure you put your message across and get immediate feedback.

Not all casinos provide quality customer support. So, before you join a platform, find out which ones offer the best contact support.

Bonus Policies

Bonuses are an important aspect of casino gaming, but only if they come from the right casinos. Otherwise, you could be lured to join a website because of their offers only to be scammed.

As such, an essential facet of genuine casinos is that they provide transparent bonus policies. If a company promises to give you £10 when you sign up, they also tell you the conditions of withdrawing the money.

Lucky for you, Swedish online casinos have to reveal their bonus terms by law. So, you won’t be snared to accept bonuses that come with a multitude of conditions afterward.

Of course, you have a role to play when scourging for bonuses. You must ensure you understand the terms of each offer. Otherwise, don’t be surprised when you find out your bonus was too good to be true.


Reputation is essential in today’s online gaming world. You can’t always know someone who’s used a specific gambling website. However, a quick online study can reveal what everyone thinks of a company.

And if a casino has a poor reputation, most people will avoid it. The problem, though, is that most companies have mixed reviews. Some people like them, others don’t. Due to that, finding a reputable casino can be a challenge.

So, what can you do? Read multiple reviews. If a company ranks amongst the best-rated casinos, it's probably worth a try. But if it has more negative than positive reviews, you should probably avoid it.

You don't want to take chances on a casino everyone dislikes. You might get a warm welcome but the operators will reveal their true characters later on.

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