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Important things to Know about Roulette Variations
Roulette is a beautifully simple game that is hard to improve on but casino operators keep trying. Its wheel and table layout are the perfection of game design and intuitively understood by people around the world, lending itself to be playable by anyone without having to speak any particular langauge. Simple rules that are basically the same all over the world is part of the attraction to punters and to casinos and is what makes it the most popular casino table game.

The are however reasons why casinos, and therefore game makers, come up with variations with different formats or rules and that is to lure more people to bet more often and heavier than they otherwise would. The now infamous roulette machines invented in the late 1990s were widely described as the crack cocaine of gambling and for twenty years provided a large part of high street bookmaker revenue due to the their intoxicating mixture fast paced repitition and complete lack of natural break triggers. These caused such an outcry in the UK that the government stepped in and reduced the maximum bet from £100 to just £2. They remain in thousands of bookmaker shops and are standard roulette games just entirely electronic.
Image by Mirella from Pixabay
French Roulette

French roulette is standard British roulette dealt more slowly in the real world and without coloured chips. Everyone places cash chips, or jetons, and the dealer remembers each players bets. Its sedate roulette for the connoisseur. It can be played faster online. Some differences are in the names. The table layout looks the same but outside bets are in French. Odd/Even are Impair/Pair, Low/High are Manque/Passe although Red/Black are normally colours as in the standard game. First Dozen is shown as P12 (premiere douzaine), Second Doxen as M12 (moyenne douzaine) and the Third Dozen as D12 (derniere douzaine).

Along with American Roulette which is just normal roulette with an extra number, double zero, which doubles the edge against the player,these are real world alternatives that you will encounter around the world's real casinos. The online casino world presents more options and with multiple game producers being used by most casino operators you will be given the choice of newer creations, as you are when visiting the extensive collection at WAGMI Live Roulette which is as contempory as they get.

Speed Roulette

As simple as the name suggests it is fast. Its regular roulette with all the same rules but after you have been paid from the last spin the ball is spun again immediately and you have seconds to place your bet. Each round takes approximitely 25 seconds.

Lightning Roulette

This game changes some of the rules. Once the ball has stoppped and a number has been selected as the winning number a second RNG selction is made and from 2-5 numbers are selcted as lucky numbers with a new bet multiplier of either 50x, 100x, 200x, 300x, 400x or 500x your bet. If you are on the lucky number then your payout will be boosted accordingly. The downside to this extra feature is that normal payout table has been changed. Straight-up payout is now 30-1 for this game to compensate for the bonuses. This give the house an edge of 2.9%.

Gold Bar Roulette

The twist here is that whenever you win a bet that is placed on a single number you will get between 1 nad 20 gold bars, randomly selected. Each gold has a cash value equal to the stake you placed on the winning number. The gold bars can then be used to bet on single numbers and pay 88 times their value if they win.

The downside to this is that the single number payout is now down to 19-1! The gold bars are nothing more than an extra random payout and they are bet credits which force you to bet the entire value of a gold bar when you use them (If you don't use them in 180 days they become valueless).

Power Up Roulette

On each spin of the wheel an RNG randomly selects between 3 and 5 numbers to become Power Up numbers along with a multiplier payout for each number. If the winning number is a Power Up number then those with a bet on it get paid at the new multiplier which is up to 500x. Also existing straight-up bets qualify for a Power Up bonus spin where the Power Up number multiplies are increased. If the new winning number is one of the Power Up numbers then payouts are made and another bonus spin begins. This can happen up to five times with a maximum multiplier on the 5th spin of 8,000x.
Gold Bars
Image by Steve Bidmead from Pixabay
All normal payouts are the same as regular roulette except a straight-up bet which has had its payout reduced from 35-1 to 24-1. The lure of the big payouts is obvious but what it is really doing is tempting players to carpet bomb the layout in order to collect one of the really big multipliers. Although the actual RTP (return to player) is 97.3%, the same as regular roulette, it encourages them to play in a way that loses a lot of money quickly unless you hit a big payout early on.


Regular roulette with European rules is a fair game with a smalll enough advantage to the house to give players a chance to win. Play short spells with moderate agression and you will have some good sessions and enjoyable times. Stop when you reach your loss limit which you must set before you play.
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