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How to make sure your casino winnings go further 
Winning it big at the casino is one hell of a rush, but it seems for a lot of us that our jackpot doesn’t last as long as we hope it would. Too soon a big win becomes loose change and suddenly we’re back at where we started. So, if you want to stretch your winnings a little bit further here are some tips:

Decide on a saving policy for your wins

For a lot of gamblers, there doesn’t tend to be a distinction between their gambling winnings and the money they earn outside of a casino. This can sometimes result in regular casino goers overspending, gambling recklessly with their winnings in the heat of the moment, or not being able to recognise the right time to quit. This is why a smart way to make your winnings go further is to decide on a policy of how much of your winnings you’ll save and how much you’ll spend while you’re still playing. This will ensure that you’ll always leave the casino with something in your pocket.

So, before you start playing with your gambling allowance, decide how much of your winnings you want to send and how much you want to keep. For example, you might decide that you’ll put 20% of each individual win aside for you to take home. As long as you stick to this plan and don’t give in to the temptation to spend your savings after you’ve run out of chips, you should leave the casino feeling a little bit victorious and a little bit richer than you would be otherwise.

Once you’ve finished playing, don’t hang around

Most of us, at one point or another, have done this. We’ve just finished a game and have set our minds on getting out before the tables start to cool when, on the way to the door, we spot the slots machines or the blackjack table. Then, before we realise it, we find ourselves saying ‘just one more game won’t do any harm’. Sooner or later our winnings are starting to look pretty measly and we leave feeling like we haven’t won as much as we thought we have. If you win big and you want to make the most of your jackpot then the best thing to do would be to get out while your pockets are full and avoid the temptation to play a few games on the way out.

Don’t use the money you need for living expenses at the casino

The worst thing that could happen to you when you spend big is being forced to spend your winnings on paying bills or paying off debts. It’s dangerous and it takes the fun out of going to the casino. Your gambling allowance when you go to the casino should never be more than you can afford after paying your bills. If you’re looking to play high stakes games or spend a bit more money on the games you like then you should start saving instead of risking your credit score. There are little changes to our lifestyle that we can make to increase our monthly savings. We can cut down on our water and electricity usage, avoid buying luxury items too often, and make smarter choices daily expenses like food and travel. If you want to save money at work then one way to do this would be to reconsider where you get your supplies from. On websites like you can compare the prices of suppliers of different products and services so that you can start saving a bit more money each month.

Use a separate account

After a winning session, which you will not always have, put a good sized amount of your winnings in a separate account. This way you will not be tempted to include winnings in your gambling allowance which should just reflect spare money you have after normal expenses. If you include winnings into the gambling allowance then you are increasing the amount you can lose on any one day, giving you more chance to lose your whole gambling bankroll. In this way you have a decent chance of finishing the year ahead if you are a good gambler, which we encourage you to be.

Give yourself targets

Once you've decided to stick to your gambling allowance it is tempting to play until its all gone, or you made a win. Stick to time limits as its too easy to lose track of time when absorbed in casino play. Set your phone up with an alarm for maybe an hour or two hours. If you don't feel like leaving right then, then just have a break with coffee and see how you feel, often you'll decide its best to come back another time when you are fresh.

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