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How to Recognize the Best Casino Site When You See It 
The online gambling industry is constantly growing, and new casino sites are opening daily in the UK. Best UK online casinos are the ever-changing list made out of industry veterans, who were there for years, but also many new sites as well.

A decade ago, there were fewer sites, but way more scammers and many players were their victims. Nowadays, with regulatory bodies and a set of strict rules applied, there is not much room for errors, and for scammers to thrive.

But, a booming industry means that many new sites are getting attention, so it is sometimes hard to choose the right option for you. In this article, we will show you the most important things you have to look for while being on a casino website, before spending your cash on it.


License is very important but often overlooked. Every casino is obliged to write a few lines about the governing body that issued a license to them, so if you can't find it, you are definitely dealing with scammers, so just leave that website and don't give them your money under any circumstance. Most of the casinos will show the information in the footer section of the website, so make sure to check that out. After making sure that the casino you picked is legit, you can continue with your research.

Huge Number of Gambling Options

A casino can be licensed by the biggest authority in the world, if it doesn't have the games you want to play, it is worthless for you, right? That's why you need to check the offer and make sure that the targeted casino has the game you want to play. If you still haven't decided on the game, and you are a fan of many types of games, just go for the casino with the highest amount of games listed.

If you are, on the other hand, a specialist, and you usually play slots, there are lots of casinos out there that focus on that type of game. If you want live games, with live dealers, that is a whole different group of a casino as well.

Remember, the casino which has it all probably isn't suitable for the player which specializes in one type of game. When you dig through the surface, you probably won't find even some of the more popular games in the genre, nor all game types. That's why we always recommend choosing the casino which specifically has games you want to play.

In the UK, slots are very popular, and most of the top UK online casinos will be strong in that sense. Also, whichever casino offers live dealer games, you can rest assured that young boys and girls that act like table hosts are professional, fast, and good-looking.

Welcome Offers and Bonuses

Welcome offers and bonuses are usually the first things that draw attention from gamblers, and many people choose their casino just because of the great looking welcome offer. You might notice that we said great looking, not a great welcome offer because sometimes, the offer you see might be misleading. All casinos must post real and correct information, of course, at least legit ones, but nobody will tell you about the wagering requirements on the landing page.

Wagering requirements are the conditions you must fulfill to get the welcome bonus. Many casinos that offer great welcome offers have ridiculously hard wagering requirements, which you probably won't even meet. That's why it is much better to get a bit weaker offer, with realistic wagering requirements and get less money, than hope for claiming the huge bonus, but missing out on wagering requirements and getting nothing.

Apart from welcome bonuses, you should pay attention to loyalty and other bonuses available to existing customers. Depending on your personal preferences, the casino you choose will be way different. If you are a type of grasshopper player, who just wants to claim welcome offers, fulfill wagering requirements and find another casino to repeat the process, you probably don't care about a loyalty bonus, because you won't spend much time playing exclusively on that casino.

However, if you can't bother with spending too much time trying to claim every viable welcome bonus out there, and you will just stick with one or two casinos, you should pay attention to bonuses and promotions available to regular members. At some of the best UK casinos, those promotions are running quite often and you can bank a solid amount of cash on it.

Deposits and Withdrawals

Deposit and withdrawal, or payment options available, is another thing that most gamblers don't pay attention to enough when registering to an online casino. To be frank, almost every online casino nowadays has multiple payment options available, including even cryptocurrencies, so everyone should find something they want. However, if you need some specific payment methods, since you don't use the mainstream ones, such as credit or debit cards, Skrill, PayPal, and similar services, you might struggle to find what you need at some casinos.

That's why it is important to check the offer before you register and make a deposit. Of course, even more, important than that is checking the cost of money transfers (especially making sure there aren't any hidden ones!), and the speed of transfers is also very important. The players, who are trying to claim a welcome bonus and then go to another site, want money transfers that are extremely fast, so they can withdraw money and use it as the deposit to claim another welcome bonus, at some other casino site.

Customer Support

Last, but not least, customer support is an integral part of any casino site, which plays a huge role in the perception that people have about that site. The time where customer support could neglect some requests or just give answers which are not satisfying for the customer is gone. Every person who gets treated badly will make sure that the internet community know that, and leave a bad review for the company everywhere!

So, if you don't see any negative reviews for the customer support of the particular casino, that means it is professional, fast and at your disposal all the time. Of course, even then some of the options attached might not suit your needs, especially the ways to contact them. Live chat available 24/7 is obviously the most desirable, but even if the particular casino doesn't offer that service, if it is known as professional, you may settle for less.


Choosing the right online casino for your gambling endeavors is not rocket science, but it isn't simple as some would think. Many people lose hundreds, even thousands of pounds by choosing incorrectly, and they don't even realize it! That's why you need to be more careful, and spend some time researching your desired casino, before making a commitment, registering, and depositing your money on their site.

There are numerous quality casinos in the UK at the moment, and you will definitely find the right one, just for you. Therefore, there is no reason to rush and be hasty, because it is very important to make the right decision, which will allow you to earn more cash.

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