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How to Get Comfortable in a Live Casino Again
It seems like poker players have had to wait an eternity for the privilege, but live events are finally back, which is naturally big news for the community. 2020 was a strange year for the card game, with players having to compete solely online with few face-to-face interactions. This has helped the internet version of poker prevail, but the joys of playing in person have been far from forgotten.

Anyone thinking of making the switch between online and live poker should be aware of the differences. There have been a lot of debates about online poker vs live poker games over the years, with the consensus being that they are distinctly different from one another. While online poker can be incredibly fast-paced, with sites giving players strict time limits to adhere to, live poker is typically slower, with hands often lasting over 15 minutes. Another crucial difference is that when playing on the internet, players can take part in multiple games at the same time. This isn’t possible in live events and players require higher levels of resilience and patience to make it to the end.

Some players may have just started playing in the last year and are waiting to play their first live tournament. Others may have been away from the casino for so long that they’re nervous to step back in. Is it just a case of biting the bullet and signing up for a live tournament?

Should You Make the Switch to Live Poker?
If you only got into poker in 2020, chances are you’ve never played in a game where you can see the bodily cues and nervous reactions of your opponents, as they sit before you. This experience is crucial as it adds a whole new element to the game and can even lead to you changing tactics during a game. There are various pros and cons to both online poker and the traditional, live poker played physically in brick-and-mortar establishments, and it’s important that players are aware of, and get used to, the different ways of playing to improve.

Before getting out into the live poker scene, you could opt for the middle ground of facing up against some live dealers through your computer screen, always gambling online responsively. There are numerous online casino games out there with live links to real dealers, and these games help give players a true sense of the casino environment. Indeed, these games could act as a bridge between online and live play. 

Getting Back into Live Games

Of course, many veteran players have taken part in live tournaments before but haven’t been able to do so during the pandemic. These people may be feeling apprehensive about venturing into this format again after all this time, as the thought of human interaction after months of solitude can be daunting. At the poker table, it may seem like having to learn how to socialise for the first time again.

It may also be more difficult to read people’s body language in the game if your intuition is slightly out of tune. Expert live players get used to spotting bodily cues over time, but being away from the felt could have a detrimental effect on this. To prepare, it may be wise to brush up on some psychology about human behaviour and watch YouTube videos of old live games to see if you can still spot a bluff. The fact that some people may be wearing masks could add to the new challenges that poker players face at the table as well.  
Let’s face it, it’s going to take some time to get back into the swing of things in the live poker scene. However, the best way to proceed is to just get out there and start playing. If it’s your first time in a live casino, don’t forget to brush up on some live strategy tips before you sit down at the felt. 

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