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How to Find the Best Online Casinos
and How to Play to Win
Since the early days of the internet, online casinos have been some of the most popular sites online, with huge numbers of unique visitors every day. The brick and mortar casinos are finding it harder and harder to compete with the wide variety of games available at their online counterparts, and as technology has evolved, online casinos have gotten better at giving their patrons a casino ‘experience’ when they play.  

Early online casinos had the feeling of an elaborate fruit machine. You could play and win, but you felt like you were operating a machine even when you were just looking around. Nowadays, with high-speed internet everywhere, and High-Definition video streaming, online casinos give a real casino experience, complete with interactions and chat.

With so many online casinos available, it can be hard to know where to make a start, and what you should do if you want to start playing some game at an online casino. Here we are going to give you our quick guide to finding the best casinos online, and how to make the most of your visit.

Search for the Right Casino for You

The first step is often the hardest. There are hundreds, if not thousands, of casinos to choose from online. Your biggest concerns should be fairness and security, so you should always look for casinos that are licensed and regulated properly.

There are big gaming groups that own dozens of online casinos, each with different themes and offers, so you should be able to find an aesthetic that suits you and is also a part of a regulated and accountable network of casinos. You can utilise online casino reviews to help you choose the right one, which you can find on sites such as Top Dog Casinos. They have some of the best casino reviews out there with extensive guides on the best platforms available.

Choose Your Game Carefully, and Start with Small Stakes

Finding the right game for you can be quite tricky. There are so many to choose from, especially if you are interested in slot machines.

Choosing the type of casino game that you want to play is probably the best way to start. Poker and roulette and other traditional casino games can be found at just about every online casino. The more sophisticated offerings let players interact with one another as they play, in either a chatroom or as avatars in a virtual casino space.

If you don’t want to be social, you don’t have to, but chatting with other players doesn’t just create an opportunity to make new friends; you can also learn more about the casino and the games you can play. Many people share valuable tips and tricks in chat rooms, so being a bit more social at an online casino can be worth the time and effort.

Once you have identified the type of game you want to play, experiment a little with small stakes. Most slot games, for instance, operate on the same principles with similar payout schemes but have a different theme to give it some character. Play a few different slots before you settle in to get a feel for the games and to find a look and feel that suits you for some longer-term play. Start with small stakes at first no matter what game you are playing, and slowly build the pot you have to play with.

As You Build Your Pot, Start Trying Some Other Games

Slot machines and poker tables require some commitment if you are going to see a return on your investment. Playing with smaller stakes helps you play for longer, increasing your chances, but when you get that return, don’t be afraid to move on.

If you're playing poker and on a hot streak, then perhaps you should stay at the table and play a few more hands. With slot machines, it is a different story. The Random Number Generators (RNG) that control slot machines are unlikely to let you keep winning. After a few successive wins, the odds of further payouts become drastically less, so once it goes cold, you should move on to a different slot or a different game altogether.

When the Funs Stops, You Stop

The most important part of playing games in a casino is to have fun. When the fun stops, you stop. One of the best things about an online casino is that it is always open and easy to find, so you can walk away and leave it for a while and if you choose to return, it is there for you.

Many casinos allow you to control the amount of money you can deposit in a week or month. This kind of responsible gambling control is being encouraged in the industry, and you might consider it if you are starting gambling online.

There are lots of fun and games to be had at online casinos, with plenty of options to choose from. Make sure you look around for the right casino and shop around for the right game before you settle in to win some money.

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