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How to Continue the High-Roller Casino experience 
If you are a high-roller in the gambling world, and especially in the casino world, then you rightfully expect to be treated well by the people you are giving your action to. Decades ago this was a simple thing, and thankfully so, as the only thing casinos are really good at is counting money. This is the same in the real world as in the virtual one. Back in the developing years of private casinos, and then corporate casinos, all that mattered was the total amount of money you “bought in” for at the tables. How much money you handed to the dealer..

In Las Vegas your action would be rewarded with being “compted”, which might be free rooms or tickets for shows, unless you were a “whale”, in which case the treats could extend to suites, whole floors or even a private jet to pick you up and to take you home (poorer). In Europe similar treament could be expected but the top prize for those who could splash the cash was a lavish meal with ridiculously expensive bottles of wine.

The reasons why the best online casino (or bookmaker) wants to look after you if you are a high-roller is that you make up a large proportion of their profit and they want to keep you from gambling somewhere else, and those other places in turn want to entice you away to their place with even more lavish rewards for your dollars, euros or pounds crossing the felt, real or otherwise. The truth is that the top 1% of customers (in terms of volume of money bet) make up 80% of the operators profits and they need you.

Government Crackdown

Sadly for the high-rollers, public scrutiny of the dangers of gambling has thrown a big net across the whole industry and what it dredged up wasn't what the governments and regulatory bodies were expecting. They began their hopefully vote winning campaigns against casinos and bookmakers with a message that they were saving millions of potential problem gamblers from losing their hard earned pay-packets. However, the revelation that it is the big guys who fill the corporate profit margins and executive bonuses has jolted them into taking action against encouraging players with rewards that get bigger the more money you play with.

Some of this is for good reason as case after case appeared in the newspapers and on television where the high-roller was anything but a person of means that could afford to drop ten grand in a day, but were in fact ordinary people either racking up massive debts to pay for their gambling spend or just plain stealing it from the businesses they worked for. All this sadly means that the normal bonuses and gifts given to those who show that they like to gamble serious amounts of money, have all but stopped.

As a professional gambler I myself enjoyed a good number of VIP trips to the Cheltenham and Aintree Festivals along with box seats at Wembley to watch the FA Cup, all with really good catering and great bottles of wine and champagne. But these are no more, now I get invited into a duscussion room where I might win a prize and even get complimentary betting tips. No thanks.

Look Overseas

So what are you to do if you are a genuine punter who likes to bet in thousands rather than single digits. Well the good news is that the digital world puts the whole world at your feet and there are developing markets where governance is strong but regulations are not so rigid as to stiffle the valued player business model out of existance. So if you are looking for online casino high roller sites you can venture offshore to countries like Canada, for instance, with some safety in mind.

The big market to keep an eye on is of course the USA. It has long been in the back waters of internet gambling due to a whole raft of state and federal laws like the inter-state Federal Wire Act (1961) and the Professional and Amateur Sports Protection Act (1992) which were thought to prevent virtually all onine gambling. Now judge after judge in all levels of the American legal system are reaching judgments in favour of state licensed digital operations that are offering more and more products to bet on. And you bet that the American way will be to continue the long tradition they have of rewarding money with money. The big problem with the USA market will still be money laundering rules but that will not be a problem for those who are genuine high-rollers.

Off course when you are going away from the UK or European juristictions you still want the oversight of a gambling commission or regulatory body and they do exist in various parts of the world. Famously there is the Curacao Gaming Control Board and the Malta Gaming Authority but countries all over the world from Finland to Australia and Jamaica to South Korea (they call themselves Korea) now have regulatory bodies determined to make their country a destination for international money and they want it to be safe and attractive to you.

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