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How Online Casinos Attract and Retain VIP Players

High rollers are not exclusive to traditional casinos, as online casinos have their share of VIP players as well. In fact, due to the wide reach of online casinos, the most popular ones often have more VIP players playing on their platforms regularly than are found in traditional casinos these days. Similar to the special facilities and treatment which traditional casinos offer to their VIP members, their online counterparts have their own ways of attracting and retaining high rollers as well.

However, given that the platforms are quite different, so are the strategies used. Whether you own an online casino of your own, or you are one of the illusive VIP players on which casinos depend so heavily, let’s discuss a few strategies/features which top online casinos keep reserved only for their VIP members.

Trust Factor: Certificates of Authenticity

When we are discussing players who spend a good deal of money on casino games on a fairly regular basis, we are talking about a very select group of people, who have both the will and the ability to do so. To them, nothing is more important than establishing trust. In other words, high rollers will only play at casinos that have a good reputation to back them up.

While they may very well be able to spend thousands of dollars on a whim, none of them will bother to do so, unless they feel that the online casino can be trusted not to try and cheat them. The most popular and successful casinos will always have the respective certificates of authenticity and fair play displayed clearly on their websites. eCOGRA, MGA, and Geotrust are among the few highly revered internet gaming authorities and fair play certification boards, so a casino that has trust badges from them are more likely to be trusted by high rollers.

Convenience and Speed: A Smooth Experience

Nobody likes a sluggish site with limited payment options and long withdrawal times, so a potential VIP member is less likely to come back on having such an experience while playing. All well reputed online casinos offer a wide range of options to their players to make deposits, while keeping the withdrawal times as short as possible.

To ensure a snappy, smooth and appealing experience for every player who is logged in, the server bandwidth and resource allocation must be on point. However, the final user experience is determined by the casino software used.

Big and Exclusive Bonus Offers: Rewarding VIP Members

High rollers like exclusivity, which is why VIP memberships and special casino promotions targeted towards them are often highly effective in both attracting and retaining high value players. Casino promotions, big welcome bonuses and exclusive VIP only offers work like a charm because they benefit both the players and the business model.

To explain how it all works, let’s highlight a few key factors:
  • The more time and money the player spends, the bigger the rewards
  • High rollers don’t mind spending money if the rewards feel like something that would be worth their effort
  • As we are discussing legal sites that maintain all the requisites of fair play, the chance to win big is real and always there
  • Casino promotions are designed to continually reward returning players with unlockable VIP tiers, exclusive offers, free spins, loyalty points, etc.
The Games: A Casino is Only as Good as the Games they Have

It doesn’t matter whether a casino is trying to attract VIP players or regular ones, having a wide collection of good slot games, card games, dice games and more is a must. Players will be far more likely to come back if:
  1. They like the games they have already played
  2. They have more games to try out on their next session
  3. The casino keeps adding new titles to its roster frequently
That being said, high rollers are found to be particularly interested in classic games such as baccarat, poker, blackjack, roulette and live casino features. This is why all quality casinos are properly equipped these days to offer classic table games to their VIP members.

Now that we have a good idea regarding how premium casinos attract and keep their VIP members, the real question is, how well these strategies are actually implemented by the particular casino. It’s when all of it comes together to offer a complete experience in a comprehensive package that things begin to click for both online casinos and their high value players.
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