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How High Rollers stay being VIP Casino customers 
The elegant casino halls of the last two hundred years have had their expensive carpets paid for and trodden on by those with deep pockets who they have gone out of their way to keep as theirs, and not losing them to a rival establishment with equally glittering baubles. They kept them returning to their venue with the use of inducements, presents and literally anything money can buy. Flowers, chocolates, theatre tickets, expensive restaurant meals, holidays and prostitutes of all persuasions were either obviously thrown at them or quietly arranged for them. And the honour to top them all was the mere entitlement of the name VIP. VIP was all they really wanted.

Along Came Digital

Then along came the digital gambling world and there was a lot of head stratching in back rooms of casino operators as they thought how to keep their big spending customers from straying to another digital platform, after all they no longer had to go somewhere else but they just had to click somewhere else. The answer unsurprisingly was to do exactly the same as before. Anyone throwing large amounts of digital currency of whatever sort at the tables, and especially the losers, were gifted freebies exactly inline with how much they were losing, as most end up doing.

Yes there are VIP gamblers in the virtual world and the operations to keep them gambling just got slicker and more and more efficient. No longer a need for the smarmy hospitality manager in a shiny suit to get all too loved up with the patrons. No, just a bunch of action analysing geeks coming up with formulae and behaviour changing techniques to encourage every last penny out of their deep pockets. Even when they aren't deep.

Stricter Rules

So twenty plus years into the online gambling revolution the big corporation casinos are richer than ever. Nobody likes that, especially the public who put the squeeze on politicians, who belately start looking back at what their predecessors did and start pointing fingers at people who are no longer there to answer back. Thus we are here. The race is on between the different factions of politics and government organisations to see who can come up with new rules for casinos to follow that stops them from rewarding players for the size of their loses.

This of course is decades overdue. After so many headline stories of celebrities going tits-up through their gambling habits and blubbing on TV, whilst promoting their book, the casino operators have been backed into a corner thinking how to continue doing what they have been doing whilst showing the regulator that they are not.

The United Kingdom Gambling Commission is back on their case by asking them for reform. A bit like asking a dog to eat more slowly. Its going to be tricky to come up with something that makes genuine economic sense as higher rollers account for such a large part of UK online casinos revenue.

High Rollers

But what about the real high rollers, those with genuine deep pockets, those who deposit in tens of thousands of pounds and can do so again the next day, or hour? They want to be treated like they always have and, in the case of big sports betting punters, need some individual handlers, or account managers as the trade calls them.

What the UKGC is going to do soon, with the pushing behind by the government department, the DCMS, is to get all casinos and bookmakers to verify that their VIP members are genuinely wealthy individuals. And they can only do that by showing solidly large amounts of cash sitting somewhere. This is something they do not want to do, especially when there is a chance that their gambling vendor is forced into telling the inland revenue of suspicious amounts of cash in the hands of people with no obvious source of income, like conveyancing solicitors do with dubious house purchases.

So many a high roller is going to have to think about how to continue. Perhaps invent an intelectual property business of which they are the director, which they close down at the end of the year to avoid reporting results and start up another. Some of course have genuinely big incomes and are only to happy to tell others about it but most will be reluctant. The best and mostly likely solution for them is going to be talking to the VIP managers directly and asking exactly what will constitute compliance with the rules and how they can make it up together. Probably illegal but none of these people have been stopped by this in the past. And won't be in the future.

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