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How Casinos Have Changed Due to Pandemic 
Almost every industry has been affected by the COVID-19 pandemic. Catering, air travel, tourism, and even the music business have all taken a big hit. Unfortunately, the same can be said for the gambling industry, as well.

Not so long ago, crowds of excited people used to swarm around casinos, looking for empty seats at the tables. Long lines in front of the buffets were a common sight, too, which is why it was hard to imagine at first how the casinos could adapt to the new safety protocols imposing social distancing.

Surprisingly enough, they have done an excellent job. Even though the number of people visiting gambling facilities nowadays is significantly smaller compared to the pre-pandemic period, many casinos have found a way to keep working and making profits.

Therefore, this article is going to discuss the significant changes casinos have had to go through to stay afloat in these difficult times.

Safety Guidelines

While casinos have done their best to keep everyone safe, it’s the players who have borne the largest responsibility. Namely, casino guests must wear face masks at all times, except when eating or drinking at one of the restaurants and bars. In case a mask is forgotten, many casinos are glad to provide a clean one or offer directions to the nearest shop or pharmacy where it can be bought. Also, some casinos have installed temperature-measuring devices at the entrance, making sure that no infected people are allowed in.

Guests are also advised to practice social distancing while walking around the casino. You might be wondering how it could work in a place where video slots are packed next to each other and a typical table game has more than six seats, but don’t worry — we’re getting to it.

Gaming Restrictions

Social distancing measures have proved to be a real problem when it comes to table games. Depending on the game, there can be between six (blackjack) and 20 players (craps) sitting around a single table, so the best thing casinos can do in this situation is try to reduce the number of players.

Some casinos have also started using plexiglass dividers that separate players from each other and the dealer. This way, they have managed to make more room between the seats and increase the cleanliness of the tables. Still, craps tables pose the biggest problem, since there could be up to 20 players participating.

That’s why some casinos have taken extreme measure and canceled their table games until further notice. In addition, almost all casinos have closed their poker rooms. Some still allow card games, but no tournaments have been scheduled, as they usually gather dozens or even hundreds of players.

On the other hand, since video slots are single-player games, they are not as risky as table games. Therefore, there haven’t been a lot of changes in this section. Still, some casinos have adjusted their floor layout to make more room and you can now find hand sanitizers next to the machines.

Limited Hotels and Dining Venues

Casinos that provide accommodation have been allowed to reopen their hotels and resorts with a few restrictions in place. For example, some of them haven’t been able to offer spa centers, pools, or restaurants, since their services have been limited. Furthermore, the rooms and lobbies are thoroughly cleaned every day, and the items that are considered non-essential have been removed.

When it comes to dining, most casinos have closed down their buffets, and some have even shut down all of their restaurants until further notice. Those that remain open are mostly spacious or don’t have that many tables, to begin with.

No Smoking

For a long time, casinos have been one of the only indoor public places in the United States where smoking was allowed, and it’s interesting to think that it took a pandemic to change that. Smoker-friendly casinos have banned smoking after reopening, and they plan on keeping that rule at least until the situation settles.

Entertainment on Hold

Some of the biggest US casinos feature large entertainment halls where you can see both local and world-recognized musicians, comedians, and other performers. Unfortunately, due to the pandemic, no new shows are being announced and all the scheduled ones are being postponed until 2021.

You could stumble upon an outdoor event or a less crowded show in a smaller venue if the casino has the ability to host them. The large halls are likely to remain empty, though, until further notice.


Land-based casinos have found a way how to operate and keep their guests safe at the same time by imposing a set of limitations and restrictions. Still, despite their efforts, there’s no doubt that their revenue will drop in the following period. After all, many players are still hesitant to visit casinos and they choose to play in their online counterparts instead, such as one which offers a Canadian casino bonus.

Nevertheless, people that are eager to start hitting the tables again have been wondering when the casinos will go back to their regular operations. Unfortunately, this is a question that no one has the answer to right now. It seems the only way for this to happen is for the pandemic to end or at least die down, and since a successful vaccine hasn’t been developed yet, the immediate eradication of the virus is still not in sight.

In other words, spinning the reels of video slots with a face mask and playing table games with a limited number of players while the dealer deals you cards under plexiglass is the only way you will be able to enjoy land-based casino gambling for at least the next several months.

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