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Guide to selecting the best new casino sites in 2020 
New casino sites continue to pop up seemingly every week, providing gamers with more options than ever when it comes to selecting a place to play.

Although undoubtedly great news, the sheer volume of new casino sites means that making a decision can be tough indeed. Comparison portals such as can help you find the best new casino sites.

In this article, we will take a look at a guide to selecting the best new casino sites in 2020, from the importance of selecting a quality bonus to design features and everything in between.

So, without further ado, let’s take a look at our guide to selecting the best new casino sites in 2020.

Make sure to grab a top welcome bonus

Ask most in the know what is the number one feature to look out for when selecting a new casino site and, odds are, they will immediately recommend getting a first-class welcome bonus.

In essence, a welcome bonus is intended to draw fresh players to a new casino site by offering a one-off promotion.

New players are flooding to online casinos these days. A deposit match is the most common type of welcome bonus, usually coming in the form of 100%, 200%, or 300% of your initial deposit being added to your credit! Of course, this is money to play with and can’t simply be withdrawn. What’s more, there is usually a wagering requirement that means you must bet at least 30x or 50x the initial stake before you can withdraw funds.

Then there are no deposit bonuses, which provide free money to play with a sign-up and require absolutely no cash deposit to be placed by you.

Most casinos provide other types of offers, too. For example, free spins bonuses can provide existing players with an incentive to stay. Then there are other popular promotions like VIP clubs that might just get you to stick around or sign-up if you know you’re going to be placing big bets!

Select a safe new casino site

Due to the fact that new online casinos deal with sensitive information such as personal and financial details, choosing a safe place to play is another major thing to consider when selecting the best new casino sites in 2020.

One thing to look for is the UKGC logo anywhere on the site’s homepage. This logo means that the new casino site is verified by the United Kingdom Gambling Commission and so is certified safe and secure for play!

On top of this, make sure that the site you have selected uses SSL encryption to keep data secure. This amazing new technology uses a series of codes to ensure you information is kept well out of reach of any nefarious actors.

Choose a varied new online casino

When it comes to selecting a new casino site to enjoy, make sure to choose a place that has plenty of styles of casino games to enjoy. This means everything from slots to poker to blackjack, all of which will ensure that you never get bored!

It’s no good racking up the loyalty bonuses from an online casino only to throw it all away when you become bored with their one-dimensional games!

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