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Gambling and Dream Cars 
Surely everyone has dreamed about a magical experience. Being the envy and wonder of people around. Pulling up outside a casino, just like a movie star, in an incredible looking supercar could be one of those dreams. The lights, the glitz, the glamour. Everyone stops to look at who is driving. The ultimate head turner. People want to look and see who is inside. The engine purring to get the attention you crave. Checking out the sleek lines of your ride or the huge wheels with shiny alloys. Sometimes even the most clued in car fan may not recognise the choice of motor as people aim to dazzle and surprise with the latest body kit styling or impressive modifications to boost the speed limit of the car.

What Kind Of Car To Drive To The Casino?
Aston Martin
"The name's Bond, James Bond". Could there be more of a famous English movie icon than this man? For many fans, besides for the actor's love of a stiff drink, the fact the character always loved to take part in casino games, or ended up in scrapes in casinos, endeared himself to them. A bit like the upper class superstar still unable to contain himself at the sight of a beautiful woman at a casino, or carefully playing his cards in a game of poker to ensure his victory, no matter how difficult it seemed. The most popular and personal choice of car for James Bond was a 1964 Aston Martin DB5, featuring in 7 films of the series. He originally wins this car playing poker in the movie Casino Royale. Aside from that game, the movie involves a Texas hold 'em tournament played for dangerously high stakes. But this all adds to the tension and excitement! Due to the pandemic, many casinos throughout the world are closed however there are many slots online such as book of dead available to users any time of the day.

The Most Famous Car In Gambling History?

Robert Zemeckis directed the 1989 American Science fiction time travelling blockbuster movie, Back To The Future II, starring Michael J. Fox and Christopher Lloyd. Marty McFly, played by Michael J. Fox, was able to travel into the past by using a time travelling car. The make of car is the famous DeLorean. One of the characters, Biff Tannen, goes back in time to give his younger self an almanac, which contains the results of major events of the sporting world from 1950 until 2000. Because betting on these outcomes could change the future, Marty also has to travel back in time to reverse the receival of the almanac. How great would that be, a book that tells all the results. A DeLorean car, with its distinctive gull wing doors, and made with stainless steel panels, was top of everyone's wish list for a while.

Cars As Casino Prizes

Often, as you walk in the entrance of a casino, the foyer will contain a brand new car up for grabs. Who wouldn't like a new car? This can be won usually in a variety of ways, for example, a raffle with specific tickets or by hitting a jackpot at a slot or wheel of fortune game. There are also many online casino bonus that also can involve giveaway promotions. You can play to win a brand new car, as well as the usual games of sports, card games such as poker and blackjack or online slots. However, sometimes it might be worth while taking a look at the fine print when winning a car at a casino. Often there are alternatives to the car prize, as some of the conditions laid out by the casinos, such as insurance policies or tax bills can be at huge cost. It can be very disappointing, considering the excitement experienced when you believe you have won a new car!

Car Sponsorships

Casinos and gambling companies have been quick to get involved in the sponsorship of football teams. Logos brandished on kits draw attention and coverage to the companies. Yet, so far, not much headway has been made into sponsorship in motor racing. This is because Bernie Ecclestone, the British billionaire who had previously been in charge of Formula 1, did not allow gambling to be advertised in the sport. He believed F1 to be too prestigious and glamorous to allow the gambling industry to get involved with F1. However, in 2019, a British motorsport team, Racing Point F1 Team, joined forces with Sportpesa, previously sponsors of Everton Football Club. It was the first deal between a gambling firm and a F1 team. It was seen as a big opportunity for advertising that could not be missed. There are races in beautiful locations all over the world, all broadcasting on tv. Imagine the attention for a gambling sponsored race car coming first?

England's Best Known Casinos

Fortunately for the serious punter, or a casual player there for the social experience, there is no shortage of top class international standard casino's spread throughout the isle. From London to Liverpool, Birmingham to Cardiff, choices are available. It just depends what you are looking for. Some casinos are open to everyone as long as the guests are of legal age and some are members only. Genting, for example, a large casino company, has 43 branches throughout the UK, including Birmingham, Sheffield and Edinburgh. The Genting International Casino in Birmingham contains the largest casino in the UK. All of these casinos contain top restaurants and bars, ensuring an all round experience is had.

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