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Five Of The Most Popular Baccarat Versions
The classic casino card game of Baccarat comes in many variations. Take a look at the top five different options for online players who want to win.

Five Baccarat Variations

Card games have been around for hundreds of years, while Baccarat was invented relatively recently in the 1800s. Players can find Baccarat in both online and offline casinos – with a number of variations. For gamblers hoping to win some cash it’s important to be well-versed in all the main types.

   1. Punto Banco

Punto Banco, meaning “player-banker”, is the main type of Baccarat and the most commonly played all over the world (often simply be called “Baccarat”). In this variation cards are shuffled in four, six or eight 52 card decks, and the casino always acts as the banker. There are fixed drawing rules (the “tableau”), as opposed to other types in which players can have drawing choices. The winning odds are usually in favour of the house at an edge of 1% or more. Punto Banco can be played with a single player against the banker or with as many as 14.

   2. Chemin De Fer

While Punto Banco is the most commonly played version of Baccarat, Chemin De Fer is thought by some to be the oldest – a topic of debate among experts. The name, meaning iron road or railway in French, possibly originates from the custom of keeping cards in iron boxes – or it could be a reference to the speed of this version (the train having been the fastest transport at the time). In this variant one player is designated banker and the other players, punters, meaning that they compete against one another rather than against the dealer.

   3. Baccarat Banque

In this version of Baccarat three decks of cards are used, and it is, in some ways, quite similar to Chemin De Fer. In both games players are able to act as banker, although in Baccarat Banque, unlike Chemin De Fer, the dealer is decided at the start of each round. This type of Baccarat is played mainly in Europe and generally uses three decks of cards shuffled together – other rules can vary from place to place.

   4. Three-card Baccarat

Three-card Baccarat is often played in smaller casinos in Macau, China (the home of some of the largest casinos in the world). This variation makes use of a single deck of cards and players receive three cards each as opposed to the usual two. Keeping score is the same as Punto Banco, in which face cards count as ten points, an Ace as one, and the numerals as their numbered values.

   5. EZ Baccarat

As with most other variations, EZ Baccarat is very similar to the original game and has only a couple of minor differences. The main one is that in this variation, payouts are at even money with bets on the banker, instead of having a 5% fee deducted. The other: the Banker can win a three-card hand if it is worth seven, which means that the banker bet will push.

These five examples are by no means the only Baccarat variations and you’ll find loads more, even at online Bingo sites. This card game is a highlight of casinos and can be rewarding both financially if you get lucky and as an exercise in strategy.

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