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Five Of The Most Common Blackjack Myths Debunked
Blackjack is one of those casino games with a lot of myths and misconceptions surrounding it. Some of them are what cause players to lose, so be warned.

No 1. The Aim Is To Get 21

Blackjack is often also known as “Twenty One”, and it certainly is a rewarding number, being the highest in the game. But the reality is that chasing 21 in blackjack is usually a pretty quick way to lose, and one of the most common of all rookie mistakes. Rather, the main goal and focus should be to beat the dealer’s hand, while avoiding going bust in the process, and only that.

No 2. Always The Lowest House Edge

It is well-known that blackjack can potentially have the lowest casino house edge of 0.5%. However, what is often not mentioned, clarified, is that this is by no means a given, and a certain amount of skill and strategy goes into achieving this on the part of the player. Furthermore, a player can also inadvertently raise the house edge to an even higher and more unfavourable level than other games by being reckless.

No 3. You Must Be A Math Genius

Though often based on true stories and real events, many fictional movies, books, and stories, over time, and have nonetheless created the rather false notion that the very best blackjack players are also incredible math geniuses.

That they are somehow able to keep track of every card in the deck and perform various super-human calculations on the go. The truth here is that the common methods used by professional players, such as “card counting”, are actually far simpler and more straightforward than most people realise, and, though math skills certainly help, they don’t need to be very advanced at all.

No 4. Counting Cards Is Illegal At Casinos

It is an understandable misconception, with Hollywood movies like “21” being based on actual famous blackjack casino scandals, in which card counting was most certainly involved. Then there are all the stories of people getting booted from casinos for it. However, while casinos certainly don’t want to advertise or promote it, provided there is no device or outside help involved to aid the player, it is actually a legit and commonly used blackjack strategy.

Casinos do what they can to restrict its use though. They have various methods of countering and making it very difficult to employ, but if all fails, they also reserve the right to ask players to leave, or in extreme cases, may even ban them altogether.

No 5. Don’t Play When “The Dealer Is Hot”

It’s a common phrase in blackjack terminology, and it refers to a dealer who is on a winning or “hot” streak, just like when you buy Bitcoin instantly when the price is right. The myth, or one could say “superstition”, is to avoid the dealer completely when this happens, at least until it subsides. The notion, however, that the dealer can be lucky, or that “luck” is involved at all, is more often than not, neither a correct or helpful one. In reality, all games that involve random chance, even without our interaction, present the likelihood of a successive string of losses, or wins. Better to understand concepts like odds, and also house edge, in order to avoid or take advantage of such inevitabilities.

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